Feeling cabin fever-ish? It might do you good to tour the lab where YC students learn to soar.

   Yavapai College’s Aerospace Science Program – a cutting-edge school that teaches everything from drone assembly to flight simulations to airport operations – has opened its doors to a digital, self-guided tour, accessible by clicking here.

   Created by Unmanned Aircraft Systems Instructor Spencer Coffin, the tour lets viewers see the equipment and environments students use to hone their skills for careers in aviation and related fields. “You’ll see our UAS Lab,” Coffin explained. “That’s where students design and build drones and learn how to manage and maintain them.” With the industrial uses of drones still expanding, and industries eager for qualified people to fly and service them, the UAS program has become enormously popular, with the next round of classes, UAS 100 and UAS 120, starting this summer.

    Coffin also directs viewers to the Print Farm. “That’s where students can print out 3D designs for manufacturing, engineering and building purposes. Our drone students use this quite a bit to print out small aircraft.” Across the hall, located inside “the cage,” is the Simulation Lab, where manned aircraft students train on simulated flights. Further on, students can browse the Air Traffic Control Lab. “This is where students can learn airport operations with a full simulation setup.” Coffin says.

   YC’s Aerospace Science Program combines expert instruction with the latest equipment to train students in emerging career fields. But don’t believe us. Take a look for yourself.