Sometimes you’re not in the right place at the right time, but someone else is there to make the magic happen.

For Kari Warne that someone was Yavapai College Police Chief Jerald Monahan who, just by doing his job, conjured up a real-world career experience for the YC freshman.

During a recent monthly AmeriServes panel discussion, Monahan discussed his advocacy work with the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence and the need for help heightening awareness of and implementing the organization’s strategies statewide. “I mentioned that assistance from an intern could be helpful,” he recalled.

The AmeriCorps/AmeriServes coordinator at Prescott College promptly followed up, an internship was created and Warne, a YC student studying administration of justice and wrapping up a campus safety internship with the YCPD, won the summer assignment.

That assignment is identifying Arizona school districts that could benefit from NCPCV violence and bullying-prevention initiatives and helping implement them.

Kari is fulfilling her internship at a desk inside the YCPD headquarters on the Prescott campus. Because she also recently landed a part-time safety officer position with the department, she is spending a lot of time there this summer. “They can’t get rid of me. I’m there all the time,” she said of her workplace.

Kari’s duties on behalf of the NCPCV and for the YCPD are helping her explore various avenues of the justice system and hone in on a career direction. “I’ve always had a passion for law,” she said, noting that her grandfather was a police officer. Law school is a possibility, but police service also is under consideration because of her experience working with the YCPD.

“I fell in love with the people inside the department and the work they are doing. I’m hoping through this internship I can pinpoint what exactly I want to do with my degree,” she said.

Kari already has identified a number of Arizona school districts interested in NCPCV programs and is gearing up to provide the training needed to get them up and running. “Our goal is to train trainers so that once the programs are implemented, they can be sustained,” said Monahan, who serves as assistant director and chairs the advisory board for the non-profit NCPCV.

Kari grew up in Prescott and attended Tri-City Prep. She is a College Honors and Education Now! Scholarship recipient and is enrolled in the YC Promise Program. She is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Students of Leadership.

The summer internship with AmeriCorps/ArizonaServes is both timely and meaningful, Kari said, asserting that NCPCV programs ultimately aim to help students succeed.

“It feels like I’m actually making a difference,” she said.