In a testament to the impact she made as a Yavapai College student and campus safety officer, a college Instagram post featuring multiple photos of a beaming Megyn Felton being sworn in as a newly certified police officer garnered near-record engagement.

Dozens of Megyn's colleagues at YC and in the community reacted to the post, congratulating her for graduating from the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy and her swearing in by YC President Dr. Lisa Rhine, both on the same day -- Dec. 10, 2020.

Told about the social media response to her achievements, Megyn attributed the attention to strong community support for law enforcement and for her employer -- the YC Police Department.

"I feel honored. I feel absolutely honored that there are so many people who appreciate what we've done and what we continue to do."

Megyn also acknowledged that she enjoys engaging with the community and since starting her academic and career journey at YC in fall 2017 has "been a friend to everyone. " The college environment has made it easy to do that, Megyn said. "It's really a community effort at YC. We help eachother. That's what we do. We're a family. I genuinely think that is a huge reason why we communicate so well."

Fulfilling a childhood dream of working in law enforcement, Megyn enrolled in YC's administration of justice program after moving to Prescott from Georgia with her family. In her introductory class taught by YC Police Chief Jerald Monahan, she learned about student opportunities with the campus department. When she reached out about a possible internship, she landed a part-time campus safety position instead.

Before long, Megyn was working full time and well on her way to serving as the lead campus safety officer for YCPD. Her job duties included patroling and securing campuses and providing security for events and the college's residence halls. "I loved every single second of it," she said. "Everything I was learning in class, I was able to put into practice while I was working."

Megyn continued in campus safety after earning her associate's degree in spring 2019. On her 20th birthday – July 10, 2019 -- Chief Monahan surprised her with an offer to attend NARTA when she reached the required age of 21 – in July 2020. "I was so overwhelmed with joy. It was something they knew I wanted to do for a very long time. It was the best birthday present ever."

The ensuing yearlong wait to attend and the rigorous 20-week academy were equally challenging Megyn said, but her desire to keep progressing in law enforcement never wavered.

Chief Monahan said Megyn immersed herself in law enforcement education as a student and as a YCPD employee. He said he and everyone at the department are proud of her unflinching efforts to take the necessary steps to achieve her career goals.

"Yavapai College told Megyn YOU CAN," he said, using the college's action-oriented tagline. "We all knew she could do anything she set her mind to. And on Dec. 10 she did."