Yavapai College has announced that it will move forward to the 'yellow phase' of its COVID-19 re-entry plan when the College returns from spring break on March 22.

The move to the 'yellow phase' (phase 3) is the first time that YC has reached this level of its five-phase re-entry plan. The College has been operating in the red and orange phases (phases 1 and 2) since the COVID-19 pandemic forced operations to move virtual in March 2020.

The yellow phase will allow for more in-person classes for the second eight-weeks of the spring semester. Those classes are in program areas of:

  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Physical Education

Second eight-week classes begin on March 22. A full list of classes for the second eight-week semester can be found at

All classes which are already operating online, or in a hybrid model will remain in those capacities through the end of the spring semester.

Most College services will remain remote during the 'yellow phase', but some services may return to in-person activities as needed.All College health and safety protocols must be adhered to during the 'yellow phase'.

Full details on the College's COVID-19 re-entry plan