The men and women of the Prescott Vette Sette Club share more than a love of their favorite make and model of sports car. The Corvette collectors and owners also share an affinity for lively road trips and skilled automotive technicians that can keep their cars in top running condition.

That’s why every year since 2016, club members have supported the Prescott Vette Sette Corvette Club Scholarship. The investment through the Yavapai College Foundation supports students who “demonstrate an interest in entrepreneurship, employment, or advancement within the automotive technology field.” Those students get their knowledge and hone their skills at the YC Career and Technical Education Center near the Prescott Airport.

This year, Prescott Vette Sette Club members hand-delivered a $7,000 check to Mary Talosi, executive director of the YCF. The funds represent the proceeds of the club’s most successful annual fundraiser to date – the annual late-September Corvette show in downtown Prescott.

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Last fall’s show drew approximately 400 Corvettes and their fans to Prescott. “It’s one of the largest all-Corvette shows in the entire world,” boasted immediate past club president Tom Jones. “We sold out every single hotel for three days for the first time ever,” added current Club President David Weinroth.

Prescott Vette Sette Club members appreciate that their hobby that helps them give back to their community, and they appreciate CTEC for giving students opportunities to obtain rewarding, livable-wage careers.

“They’re teaching kids things that no other colleges do – teaching hands-on skills – things that society needs. We need tradespeople, we need skilled workers,” said Weinroth. Added Jones: “CTEC is so valuable in teaching all kinds of stuff like welding and air traffic control. Everything they do is beautiful.”

The Prescott Vette Sette Club also provides regular financial support to U.S. Vets and plans in 2022 to expand its support of YC career and technical education programs, Jones said.

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