The pre-eminent organization for tracking, researching and rating national nonprofits announced that it has given the Yavapai College Foundation its highest possible rating for fiscal transparency and integrity. On Friday, awarded the Yavapai College Foundation a Platinum ‘Seal of Transparency’ for its clear, open and ethical reporting.

YC Foundation Executive Director Mary Talosi says GuideStar’s Platinum designation recognizes the priority the Foundation puts on fiscal responsibility. “Transparency and integrity allow donors to know and trust us as we partner with them for student success at Yavapai College.”

Founded in 1994, as Philanthropic Research, Inc., GuideStar was one of the original central sources of information about U.S. nonprofits. It is the world’s largest single resource on nonprofit organizations, providing as much detail as possible about each organization’s intake and expenditures. GuideStar rates fiscal transparency on four levels, Bronze to Platinum, depending on the level of information each organization provides for public consumption.

The Platinum Seal is intended to provide increased donor confidence, with GuideStar’s own research showing that organizations earning a Seal of Transparency receive 53% more in contributions than organizations without a seal.

For the Yavapai College Foundation, the Platinum Seal is an important credential that will assist them in their pursuit of College goals. “GuideStar’s recognition helps us better explain who we are, what we do, and the impact we make on our community.” Talosi said.


Yavapai College operates six campuses and centers throughout Yavapai County and offers over 100 degrees and certificates, two baccalaureate degrees, student and community services, and cultural events and activities.

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