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Before You Move In

Living with a roommate is different than living with your family.

Pre-Roommate Agreement Worksheet - this worksheet will help you start to think about items you will want to discuss with your roommate.  Review it prior to your arrival on campus. Compromise and communication is the key to successful community living.

You are provided with a bed, mattress, desk, chair, and dresser/closet. (details here)

  • You can bring items for your comfort and to help personalize your room.
  • You cannot puncture holes in the wall, consider 3M Command Hooks and Strips to hang pictures on your walls.
  • "What to bring" and not to bring - checklist - read carefully
  • Residence Hall Linens, a third party company specializes in extra-long twin sheets and other necessities for outfitting your room: 1-800-957-4338

The Residence Halls are closed during Winter Break between the Fall and Spring semesters

All residents must vacate the building for the entirety of the break. Residents may keep their belongings here but they will not be permitted to be here. Residents must leave the building within 24 hours after their last academic obligation or by the closing time of the halls, whichever comes first. Please check the academic calendar for date.