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Culinary Chef, Cook, Food Service Manager

culinary-69.pngAfternoon Culinary: A Cooking Series at The Sedona Center

We like to say, "After you tour our kitchens, you won't be able to resist taking a class."

And it's true - Community Education has made a name for itself in the culinary community by making use of the Sedona Center's state-of-the-art cooking and baking kitchens to host cooking classes.

Since 2019, we've offered a scrumptious variety of culinary courses, and this semester is no different. Learn with Chef Mark Reese, a senior chef who teaches regularly for YC's academic culinary program, for 6 amazing afternoon cooking courses.

Join in person with supplies included. After the wonder chaos of cooking dies down, we'll all enjoy the food we've prepared together!

$69 in-person (supplies included)

Class Schedule

Basic Italian from Scratch: Pasta and Sauce
Friday, Feb 18, 2-5pm

Bread Making 101
Friday, Mar 4, 2-5pm

Your Best 3-Hour Cake
Friday, Mar 11, 2-5pm

Award-Winning Chili and Cornbread
Friday, Mar 25, 2-5pm

Eggs Benedict from Scratch
Friday, Apr 8, 2-5pm

Tempering & Dipping Chocolate
Friday, Apr 22, 2-5pm


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  • “I think a lot of us figured we would come to Yavapai, take some classes, and get our degree. For some of us that journey was pretty smooth, for others it was long and rocky. For all of us, it took persistence and dedication, but this was never supposed to be the final destination. It shouldn't, it won't end here.”

    -- Alison Barzelay