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Strategic Planning

Yavapai College strategic planning is a continuous process that guides the future direction of the institution and operationalizes the District Governing Board Ends, College Mission, Vision, and Values.

The College Strategic Plan is the guiding document and directs companion planning reports like the Annual Action Plans, Campus Master Plan, Educational Master Plan, Technology Master Plan, and Budgeting.

Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Annual Strategic Actions

The annual strategic actions identify college priorities from the 2015-2020 College Plan to be implemented during the current fiscal year.

Strategic Action Priorities

Environmental Scans

Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan (CMP) describes all the planning objectives related to facilities and college infrastructure district-wide.  The CMP is a 14-year plan and is adjusted to support the direction of the current College Strategic Plan.

Academic Master Plan

A College committee lead by Dr. Diane Ryan is developing a three-year Academic Master Plan that will be completed in academic year 2020-2021.

Technology Strategic Plan

The cross-functional Technology Advisory Committee guides the development of the IT Strategic Plan.  The plan describes the technology objectives required to fulfill the College's strategic initiatives.

Yavapai College Budget

YC follows an integrated approach to planning and budgeting.  Budget decisions and requests for new resources must be tied to the College’s Strategic Planning priorities.  Budgeting operates with transparency and a defined calendar for budget decisions and employee input.

Progress Toward Accomplishing YC’s Strategic Priorities

At the end of each fiscal year, the strategic plan is reviewed and includes analysis of our progress with the latest annual action plan and overall strategic plan goals and targets.

Shared Governance