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TRIO Student Support Services

Your own personal coach that keeps you on track all the way to graduation

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The TRIO program increases our student retention and graduation rates, facilitates student transfer from two-year to four-year colleges and fosters an institutional climate supportive of the success of low-income and first-generation college students and individuals with disabilities. The TRIO program is free.

Is TRIO SSS right for you?

  • Helps students stay in college and graduate
  • Supports your transfer from two-year to four-year colleges and beyond
  • Creates a climate supportive of low-income, first generation college students and individuals with disabilities

TRIO Student Support Services closely works with you to increase your leadership and confidence by building relationship network of college faculty, staff, students and community members for an enriching college experience. We're here to keep you on track to discover your strengths to overcome obstacles as you grow toward your future in higher education and beyond.

  • 90% of TRIO SSS students are in good academic standing
  • 78% students cited tutoring support as number one reason to join TRIO
  • 82% TRIO students cited their grade improved because of tutoring
  • 73% will continue their studies into the next academic year
  • 49% of TRIO Students will earn a degree or certificate in 4 years

TRIO program eligibility:

Students served must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident and meet one or more of the following:

  • Economically disadvantaged and/or
  • First-generation (neither parent has received a four-year college degree) and/or
  • Have a documented disability

Program selection is based on the completed application and space availability in the program.

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