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YCSA Committees

YCSA committee meeting

Community Service and Social Events

  • Committee Members
  • Linda Brannock - Co-Chair
  • Janice Soutee - Co-Chair

Staff Benefits and Professional Development

  • Committee Members
  • Jane Hersh - Co-Chair
  • Alexandra Helm - Co-Chair

Newsletter Committee

Currently, the YCSA Newsletter is published five times during the year: two times during each semester and once during the summer. Each edition of the newsletter will be sent to all employees via DUCKSOUP and posted on the YCSA webpage. If you would like to contact us to include something in the newsletter or provide comments/feedback please do at

  • Newsletter Committee Members
  • Katherine Anderson – Publisher and Contributor
  • Kirsten Adaniya – Web Developer and Blog Creator
  • Cathy Gertsch – Contributor
  • Gina Hutchinson – Contributor
  • Paige Ruggles-Kruger – Editor and Contributor
  • Rebecca Seigars – Editor and Contributor
  • Karen Leja – YCSA Liaison