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Gunsmithing Facilities

The College is located in Prescott, Arizona, an historic western town of 34,000 residents. Surrounded by National Forest, the region has numerous opportunities for hunting, fishing and all manner of outdoor activities. Many nationally and internationally famous firearm businesses and personalities are here, as are numerous sport shooting ranges.

Tooling available in the shop include:


Eight large Bridgeport mills with digital readout. One with power feed and rotary table. This mill is especially configured for fluting barrels, octagon barrels and quarter ribs.


South Bend, Jet and Emco-Maier (Austrian)

 Heat Treat Ovens: Three

All especially manufactured by Corbin to provide more exact control of the specific oven temperature.

 Precision Grinders

Surface and universal cutter.

 Optical Comparator

For greatly magnifying small parts to illustrate their relationships and condition.

 Advanced Information Technology

All Gunsmithing students take course work which instructs them in computer applications specifically relevant to their program. You will learn:

  • Internet (for research and marketing)
  • Firearms databases

You will be able to use the computer to immediately access sources such as BATF, Patent Office, NRA, Firearms manufacturers, parts, suppliers and other gunsmiths. Courses are available which can assist you in developing your own Web page for advertising your own gunsmithing business if you desire.

 Stock Duplicators: Two

From selecting the stock blank, configuring the master (form, figure, drop, cast, pitch, pull and cant), to shaping, inletting, checkering and finishing. You are taught ALL the aspects of stock making by a professional.


Work stations for five Gravermeisters and a Gravermax, Engraving is taught by Rachel Wells, Board member for the Firearms Engravers Guild of America.

 Work Benches

Each student has a workspace and locker. The bench has a vise, light, electricity and nearby air hose.

 Bluing Room

The bluing tanks were especially constructed according to a design by our bluing instructor, From remote lighting and water controls to access, to rinse troughs and work table, this is the best bluing system.


The welding shop is located next to the Gunsmithing shop area. A complete series of welding courses and equipment is available through the program. This includes gas, arc, MIG, TIG and plasma arc.

 Miscellaneous Tooling

Of course, we have a variety of the usual tooling on hand. Barrel vises, pantograph, Rockwell tester, saws, buffers, grinders, drill presses, torches and firearm specific tooling.


There is a break area in the shop with table, chairs and vending machines.