Learning Center Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the Learning Center?

It's where successful students go to get tutoring help, meet with classmates or a study group, or just to study on their own and get homework done.

  Where is the Learning Center?

Prescott Campus: Building 1, Room 207

Verde Valley Campus: Building M, Room 122 (through Library)

  How do I get tutor?

Tutors can assist you with learning course content whether it is a face-to-face or an online class. Just drop into the Learning Center during regular business hours, sign in at the front desk, and let the Learning Center staff know what it is you need help with.

If you are unable to come to campus to meet with a tutor in the Learning Center, you can Skype a tutor, e-mail a tutor, submit a paper to the Online Writing Tutor, or phone in. For more details on distance services visit our Online Tutoring Services web page.

Individual/one-to-one tutoring is also available for eligible students in the SSS TRiO program.

  How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring is free to Yavapai College students.

  Do I need an appointment to get a tutor?

No.  All tutoring is done on a drop-in basis; no appointment necessary.  Just check the Schedule by Subject for Prescott or Verde to ensure that there will be a tutor on duty for the subject that you need help with at the time you wish to come.

  Who can receive tutoring?

Any student enrolled in a Yavapai College course can receive tutoring in that class, providing we have a tutor with expertise in that subject area. If we don’t, and you need help, please let us know; we will make every effort to address you needs.

  What classes/subjects have tutors available?

The Learning Center offers tutoring in a variety of general education and other academic courses. For details, use the Tutoring Schedule links above.

  Is there a limit to how much tutoring I may receive?

Technically, no. But common courtesy dictates that you will not “hog” a tutor if other students are waiting for assistance from that tutor.

  Will a tutor fix my grammar & punctuation on my papers?

Learning Center writing tutors are available to assist you with writing assignments in any subject; however, this is not a copy editing service. Tutors CAN assist you in gaining a better understanding of the various stages in the writing process, pointing out recurring errors, and helping you to write more effectively on this and future assignments.

  Do you offer extended hours during exams?

We do not offer extended hours during exams, but we do offer a variety of support services for students during exam times such as final review sessions, stress reduction activities, test taking workshops, etc.  Watch for details on CRAM JAM activities on the Prescott & Verde Valley campuses towards the end of each semester.

  Is there a waiting list for busy times?

No, but when tutors are busy, they will do their best to rotate through all waiting students. If you're concerned about having to wait, it's recommended that you visit the Learning Center during our slower hours, such as before 10:00am, after 3:00pm, or on Fridays.

  How can I make the most from my tutoring session?
  • Begin early in the term, and come often….don’t wait until you’re “in trouble!”
  • Prepare a list of questions & identify specific concepts or problems to ask about.
  • Use tutoring to discuss course material, ask question, & practice new skills.
  • Attend class regularly. A tutor is not a substitute for your teacher.
  • Don’t procrastinate; use tutoring to help you stay current and not fall behind.
  • Bring class notes, textbooks, homework, assignment sheets, syllabus, or other relevant materials with you to tutoring.
  • Allow yourself enough time to get all you r questions answered.
  • Be patient…learning challenging course material is a demanding undertaking!
  • Expect the tutor to help you learn how to be a more effective student, not just to provide a quick fix.
  What can I do if I'm failing a class? Can the Learning Center help?

Talking to your instructor is usually the best first step. Or you may choose to discuss it with your academic advisor.

We would also encourage you to visit the Learning Center and meet with a tutor. If you fail a test, don’t panic. Spend some time with a tutor to go over the exam and determine what areas you need to spend more time learning, and how you need to prepare differently so that you can do better on the next exam. Our tutors are well versed in various study methods to help you be more successful.

  Will my teacher be notified that I'm receiving tutoring?

No, not unless you specifically request it for some reason. However, there are occasions when a tutor may wish to contact instructors for clarification on assignments in order to better assist you.

  How do I know that my tutor knows what s/he's doing?

All of our tutors are recommended by instructors who verify that they have an excellent command of the subject matter that they are tutoring. In addition, all tutors go through a rigorous training program to help them learn to be effective tutors. This program leads to CRLA certification, a nationally recognized tutor certification credential.

  How much time should I devote to studying?

A general guideline is to spend 2-3 hours outside of class for each hour that you’re in class. So for one full semester-length 3 credit-hour class, that means 6-9 hours per week of study outside of class.

Of course, every student is different, and every subject is different. You may find some courses easier, while a classmate struggles. Or, you may find another course exceptionally difficult and realize that you need to spend more time than would be expected in order to do as well as you want to in the class. If this is the case, Learning Center tutors can give you some tips on how to study more effectively and efficiently. You may also want to find out if your difficult class is supported by Supplemental Instruction, which is a tutor-facilitated study group.

  How do I print on the WEPA machine in the Learning Center?

Visit the WEPA Printing page on the Yavapai College web site for details on how to print using the WEPA printers.

  How much does WEPA printing cost?

One-sided copies: Black & white: $ .10 per page/Color: $ .50 per page

Two-sided copies: Black & white: $ .18 per page/Color: $ .95 per page