Frequently Asked Questions

  How do I start a club?

Refer to the How to Start A New Club drop down toggle on the Clubs, and Organizations page. Email with any questions.

  How do I know what activities are happening on campus?

There are numerous ways to learn about what is happening on campus:

  • On the YC home page: upcoming events are listed on the left. Click More to see the calendar view
  • Go to the Campus Activities page and click on the Event drop down toggles for the Prescott or Verde Valley Campuses.
  • Under the My News Feed list when you're logged into the YC website
  • On the digital signage boards located throughout each campus
  • Posted on flyers around each campus
  • Ducksoup emails sent to your scholar email address
  • On the Student Life Facebook page
  How much does it cost to live on campus?

The cost of living on campus varies depending on the residence hall you live in and the meal plan option you select.

  Do I have to live on campus?

Students at Yavapai College may live on or off campus. Living on campus allows students to be close to the many campus amenities and allows students to grow academically, meet new friends and be part of the Yavapai College Community.

  Do I have to have a roommate?

Due to limited space, most students living on campus will have a roommate. Occasionally, single rooms are available for additional fees on a first come basis. Living with a roommate allows for you to network with students from a different part of the state or another country. Many lifelong relationships are developed when living with another student. Email the Office of Residence Life to check the availability of single rooms, or call: 928-776-2356.

  What if I don't like living on campus? Can I cancel my housing contract and move out in the middle of the semester?

No. You sign a year-long contract and you are responsible to pay for housing through the contract which includes both Fall and Spring Semesters.

  What should I bring when I move in?

Residence Life provides each student with a bed, mattress, desk, chair, and dresser/wardrobe. Visit this link for a more detailed list of items to bring.

  What residence hall policies do I need to know about?

The Standards of Residence include all housing policies. You will be given a copy when you move in.