Hardware & Software Recommendations for Online Learning

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Computer Hardware/Internet Connection

Most Windows (PC) and Macintosh computers and operating systems (WinXP, Vista, Windows7, Mac OS 10+) are compatible with Canvas. If you are able to connect to the Internet with your computer, you should be able to access YC's Canvas system; however, a newer, faster computer and a broadband Internet connection can make your online experience easier.

Recommended Browser Settings

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Software and Plug-ins

The following free downloads are highly recommended for online learning in the Canvas environment.


Software Description
Adobe Acrobat Reader icon Adobe Acrobat Reader - allows you to view PDF documents.
Apple QuickTime Player icon Apple QuickTime Player - useful for playing .mov files and other unique formats on Windows.
Flash Player icon Flash Player - enables display of Flash content and interactivity.
Shockwave icon Shockwave - another Adobe product that enables some interactive content.
Java icon Java - enables certain features, such as the visual text editor, to work in Canvas.


Software Description
flip player icon Flip Player - Free - Plays Windows Media Video (wmv. files) on a Mac.
OpenOffice icon OpenOffice - Free software that opens Word .doc, PowerPoint .ppt and more.
Sliverlight Player icon Silverlight Player - Microsoft media player that play Tegrity recordings on Mac.