Nursing Program Pre-admission Exam

Students wishing to apply to the Yavapai College Nursing Program must take the Nursing Pre-admission exam and include these results in their application. Once payment is made call (928) 776-2200 to register for a Prescott Campus test date or (928) 634-6561 for a Verde Campus test date. You must pay and register for a test date by the closing date, noon on August 24, 2015. Fees are nonrefundable. 

Registration for the Nursing Preadmission Fall 2015 Exam for Spring 2016 Admission is now open. 

Information about the Nursing Program application process

Nursing Program Pre-admission Test Information

Learning Center Test Preparation

  Prescott Pre-admission Test Dates
Prescott Test Dates
Sep 09
Wednesday 8:00 am
Sep 11
Friday 11:00 am
Sep 15
Tuesday 8:00 am
Sep 16
Wednesday 11:00 am
Sep 18 (AP Only)
Friday 8:00 am
  Verde Valley Pre-admission Test Dates
Sep 15
Tuesday 12:00 pm
Sep 16
Wednesday 8:00 am
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Additional Testing Information

  • Bring a photo ID to test
  • Both tests are online computer-based tests
  • Set up an Evolve Elsevier account
  • Bring username/password to test

Health Education Systems Inc. (HESI) Exit Exam

Yavapai College nursing students are required to take the HESI Exit Exam at the completion of their nursing program. The HESI Exit Exam was found to be 99.49% accurate in predicting a student's success on the licensing exam. HESI testing is by appointment through the Nursing Department, (928) 776-2247.