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The YC Promise is a financial aid program offering Yavapai County residents an opportunity to earn a tuition-free degree at Yavapai College.


Eligible Promise for High School Students

Any high-school senior graduating from a Yavapai County high school, home school program, or online high school (if the student’s primary residence is within Yavapai County) who will receive their high school diploma or GED®.

Eligible Promise Degrees for High School Students

Associate Degree through Yavapai College are eligible except for Aerospace Science majors and courses (including Fixed Wing, Rotor, Unmanned, and Air Traffic).

Students accepted into the Nursing or Radiologic Technology program must complete their degree within 11 semesters

The YC Promise is a financial aid program offering Yavapai County residents an opportunity to earn a tuition-free degree at Yavapai College.

It provides eligible students a last dollar scholarship, meaning the scholarship will cover tuition not otherwise covered by Federal; State; Yavapai College; or other 3rd party grants, discounts, or scholarships.

  • Provides tuition reimbursement when eligible students complete their degree within seven semesters of starting the YC Promise.
  • Does not reimburse other related expenses including, but not limited to, books, course and program fees, or other cost of living expenses such as transportation, food, and housing
  • Reimburses eligible students for the tuition they paid to Yavapai College after all other gift aid has been credited toward tuition.
  • When the student completes an Associate Degree, the YC Promise Scholarship will reimburse up to 61 credits of the tuition paid by the student.
  • Courses must have been taken from YC. Reimbursement does not apply for transfer credits or credits taken at YC prior to starting the YC Promise program.
  • No reimbursements for repeated or non-passing course work
  • No reimbursements for Developmental Education credits
  • Credits are reimbursed at the rate paid, not the current rate

*Students are responsible to pay all their expenses up front (tuition and fees, books, cost of living). Payment plan options are available. See yc.edu/bills

Students who meet the following criteria will be eligible for the YC Promise


Rules & Regulations

  • Comply with United States Selective Service System requirements for registration if such requirements are applicable to the student.
  • Comply with federal drug-free rules and laws for receiving financial assistance and not be incarcerated.
  • Not be in default on a federal Title IV or Arizona educational loan and not owe a refund on a federal Title IV or an Arizona student financial aid program.
  • If a student requires an accommodation for disability-related reasons that limits the number of credits they can take in each semester, they should work with the Yavapai College Department of Disability Resources to see if the degree completion deadline can be extended.
  • Meet the following criteria to be granted a personal or medical leave of absence from the scholarship program:
    • Allowable medical or personal reasons may include serious illness of the student; serious illness or death of an immediate family member; extreme financial hardship of the student or student’s immediate family as defined in the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA); fulfillment of a religious commitment encouraged of members of that faith; fulfillment of required military service; or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control where attendance by the student creates a substantial hardship. In the event an institution denies a student’s request for a medical or personal leave of absence, the student may appeal the decision in accordance with these rules.
  • YC Promise will only reimburse one degree program.

It cannot be emphasized enough that each phase of the YC Promise will require students to complete their requirements, and failure to do so will result in loss of the Scholarship.

The primary responsibility to meet requirements falls with the student. Once in the program, students must do the following to retain their scholarship:

  • Complete the FAFSA Annually
  • Must maintain cumulative grade point average of 2.0
  • Maintain financial aid eligibility
  • Attend an Orientation prior to the start of the first fall semester
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor each year to review academic plan and progress
  • Complete the degree within seven semesters (including summer semesters)
  • Pay all monies owed to YC, with no outstanding balances by the end of each term.

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