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Budget Dev Process

October 25, 2021

Attention Budget Managers,

It's time to begin the Yavapai College FY2022-2023 Budget Development Process.

Please note that resources for new Budget Requests are again very limited this year. As always, one-time expenses (eg. a microscope) will be easier to fund than recurring expenses (eg. a position) Therefore, it is recommended that requests for new “recurring-expense” budget items must include a proposal for self-funding the request.  Self-funded requests will be looked at more favorably than unfunded requests.

We would encourage each of us to thoughtfully consider any new resource requests.  Ensure that the request is a genuine "must have/need" and not a "nice to have". Ensure that any request that is moved forward for consideration is very clearly tied to increasing enrollments or completions.  Those connections need to be very clear linkages. 

  1. Please review your base budget and prepare your Budget Requests (Equipment Replacement Plan, Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Requests, as well as any Requests for New Resources) for FY2022-23 per the due dates listed below.
    1. As stated above, please note that resources for Budget Request Forms (BRF’s) are again very limited this year, therefore, budget managers making requests for recurring expenses should include a proposal for self-funding these Budget Requests.
    2. Your existing 5 year equipment replacement plan will be emailed to you under separate cover.
  2. Banner Self Service Budget Development and Banner Self Service Salary Planner Modules will be available for your review on October 25, 2021, for the FY2022-23 budget. This is your opportunity to re-allocate 7000B Budget to specific accounts within your Banner Organization, or to move 7000B budget between Banner Organizations.
  3. Please note that YC's Budget Process is as follows:
    1. Budget Requests (BRF’s) will be prioritized within each college division (Academic Affairs, Finance & Admin Services, Community Relations, Athletics, Student Development, and Enrollment Mangagement, and Human Resources).
    2. In February, unfunded BRF’s will be sent to the Cabinet to coalesce all four Division priorities into a set of common college priorities for new spending.  This Cabinet meeting will be open to all college employees, and they will be given an opportunity to provide feedback.
    3. In March, the ELT will finalize priorities to be included in the draft college budget which will be presented to the DGB in April.

Links to various forms and instructions

Links to various forms and detailed instructions for accessing, viewing and making changes to your budget(s) through Banner self-service can be found below in this email.

If you have any questions or require additional information or training, please contact Duane Ransom at x2316.

Budget Calendar

Budget Decision Process

FY2022-2023 Budget Due Dates

* Please note that your division may have earlier due date requirements.

Budget Training Documents

Information on how to access your budget.