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ETS Program Survey

Program Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the following questionnaire.

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How many ETS Participants do you currently have?
How do you conduct your recruiting?
How is your ETS program handling the Postsecondary Attainment objective?
Have you begun tracking those students yet? Yes No
If yes, what tools and techniques are you using for this process?
Do you use various social media sites to help you with this objective? (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Yes No
If yes, which ones?
If you have social media sites, who manages them?
Director/Manager Counselor Administrative Assistant Other

How many contacts on average per academic year do you have with your ETS Students?
How do you see your students?
If you indicated that you see your students in large groups, how do you assemble them?
How many staff members do you have?
Do you have specialized counselors? Please check all that apply:
High School Middle School SAT/ACT Financial Aid Other
How many field trips do you take each year?
If your partner institution is a college or university, is there a scholarship specifically for your ETS Students? Yes No N/A
Do you have any best practices that you would be willing to share in regards to your talent search program?
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