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Dual Enrollment Students


The Yavapai College Dual Enrollment Program partners with county high schools to extend the privilege to college ready students to participate in accelerated college level coursework. These classes are taught on the high school campus, during the high school day by a credentialed YC instructor.

What can Dual Enrollment Classes Offer you?

  • The same challenging college curriculum that is offered on Yavapai College Campuses
  • Hands on occupational training
  • Transfer credits accepted by Arizona State Universities
  • Gain momentum on a college degree or certificate
  • Make the high school to college transition less stressful
  • Save your money, Dual Enrollment classes are only $10 per credit hour
  Steps to Become a Student for High School Dual Enrollment Students

Step 1: Attend a Dual Enrollment Orientation

Information about the orientation can be found on this page. If you are already a YC student, skip to step 3.

Step 2: Apply for Admission

Concurrent enrollment students complete step 1 and contact Academic and Career Advising

Go to the become a student tab to complete an application for admission. You will receive a username and temporary password. Follow the directions to set up your new permanent password. SAVE your username and password so you can log into the Yavapai College Website.

Once you have applied to be a Yavapai College student you will NOT need to complete the application again. Click here for help with the admissions process, registering for classes, retrieving your log-in information.

Step 3: Find your Yavapai College ID number

Y numbers are now printed on Student ID cards. If you have an older card, it can be found by logging onto the website. Your Y number will be displayed at the top of the dashboard under your My Account information. Also see the Help page, number 8.

Save your Y number in the same location as your username and password (e.g. cell phone). You will be required to provide this number regularly to the college

Step 4: Report your intent to participate in the dual enrollment program to your high school liaison

Provide your full name and Y number to your high school liaison.

Step 5: Identify and meet prerequisites for the intended course(s)

Yavapai College requires a placement test score be on file with the college for all Dual Enrollment students taking general education classes. ACT, SAT, AIMS Reading and ACCUPLACER scores may be used to meet prerequisite requirements. Submit your ACT/SAT scores to the DE coordinator if your school doesn't have them on file.


Yavapai College requires a placement test score or equivalent for all students taking general education or transfer classes. If you have taken the AIMS, SAT, or ACT test within the last two years and have scores at or above the testing standard, these may be used to meet prerequisite requirements. Qualifying score information may vary from course to course. The standards are available on the Testing Services English and math Skills Assessment page.

Automotive, Agriculture, Business, Computer Science, Computer Networking, Fire Science, and Welding DO NOT have prerequisites listed.

Step 6: Schedule and take the ACCUPLACER assessment if needed

The ACCUPLACER consists of three basic sections: Reading Comprehension, Writing (grammar and sentence skills) and Mathematics. ACCUPLACER results do not affect your admissions to the college; they are used for placement into courses based on your current skill set.

Yavapai College administers the ACCUPLACER Assessment once every spring semester on the following high school campuses: Bradshaw Mountain, Camp Verde, Chino Valley, Prescott, and Sedona Red Rock. Students attending these high schools are responsible for scheduling their ACCUPLACER testing appointment with their high school coordinator. Contact your high school for dates and times.

See the next drop down toggle for additional information about the assessments

Step 7: Get Your Books

Please check with your high school counselor to determine if you will need to purchase the College required textbooks. If textbooks are required, the student is responsible for covering the cost of books .

To order books, log onto and click on My Schedule, View/Buy Textbooks

Step 8: Register for dual enrollment classes

  • Obtain the CRN from your high school dual enrollment instructor.
  • To register, go to Click on the myYC Login button and enter your username and password.
  • Click on Register for classes and then the Registration Menu at the top of that page. Select Register by CRN. Select the term and enter in the CRN’s provided by your instructor in the white boxes.
  • Dual Enrollment classes follow the YC academic calendar, therefore it is the student’s responsibility to register EACH SEMESTER by the last day to add a class. See the current Academic Calendar for current dates and deadlines.
  • Year-long classes will register in the Fall.
  Additional ACCUPLACER information

The ACCUPLACER is not an admissions test, the testing is not timed, each assessment takes about 45 minutes to complete, the testing is done on the computer, there is no fee for YC students, and results are immediately available upon completing the test.

Yavapai College administers the ACCUPLACER Assessment once every spring semester on the high school campuses listed below. Students attending these high schools are responsible for scheduling their ACCUPLACER testing appointment with their high school liaison. We recommend you share your ACCUPLACER scores with your high school liaison to verify results.

Participating Schools: Prescott, Bradshaw Mountain, Mingus Union, and Chino Valley.

Students attending Bagdad, Camp Verde, Mayer, Northpoint, and Tri-City Prep will need to schedule an appointment to take the ACCUPLACER at one of the Yavapai College Testing Centers.

Bring your Y number and a photo ID to your testing appointment. Students failing to provide this information to the testing coordinator will not be able to take the ACCUPLACER at that time. If needed, go to the ACCUPLACER assessment information page to view the Study Guide.

NOTE: If you are given the option to write the essay to assess into English 101 this must be scheduled to be completed on a Yavapai College Campus. When attempting the essay you will be given a prompt to address and will have 30 minutes to complete your writing sample.

  Prerequisites and Course Load

Students are required to meet all prerequisites for each dual enrollment class. The College supports high school established deadlines for meeting prerequisites. To determine the prerequisites for General Education and Allied Health classes, go to the class schedule, find the course, and click on the course number to read the course description.

  Withdrawing from a class

Students may add, drop, and withdraw from classes during designated periods each term after logging onto the website. See our current Academic Calendar for more information.

A student-initiated withdrawal prior to the deadline will result in a W being posted to the permanent record. An administrative withdrawal will be noted with a Y.

Students should consult your high school instructor and your school counselor prior to dropping a dual enrollment class. If the deadline for a student-withdrawal has passed, it is the responsibility of the student to send a request to their teacher for an instructor-withdrawal. Failure to drop or have yourself withdrawn from a class can result in an F.

Repeating a DE class: Currently students are allowed to repeat dual enrollment courses without payment. This policy is subject to change.

  Grades and Transcripts

Your grades are part of your permanent record.The grades you earn in your Dual Enrollment classes will be recorded on your college transcript. Your college transcript is a permanent record and should be taken seriously. It is important to understand that your college transcript and GPA can affect your financial aid eligibility, admissions to some colleges/universities, and athletic eligibility. Academic Grading standard is available in the college catalog.

Your grades will be posted in your myYC portal in the Students>MY Transcripts/Grades section each semester. IT is possible that your YC and your high school grade might be different from each other. Here are some additional links: Learn how to calculate your college GPA, Grade appeal policy


Unofficial transcripts can be printed by students. Log onto the website, go to Students My Transcripts and grades. There are 3 ways you can request that your YC transcript be sent to another school. To find the most convenient option visit the transcripts page.

  Your Y Number

Y numbers are now printed on Student ID cards. If you have an older card, it can be found by logging onto the website. Your Y number will be displayed at the top of the dashboard under your My Account information. Also see the Help page, number 8.

Y Number
  Students with Disabilities

When taking a college course, the rules change for students with disabilities in need of accommodations. Colleges operate under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the American’s with Disabilities Amendment Act of 2008. These laws guarantee that “no qualified individual with a disability may be excluded from participation in, denied benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination if otherwise qualified.” This means there is no Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in college, only equal access. The college will not waive or eliminate any requirements essential to the program or college; age qualification and qualifying scores on the placement tests must be met; and the student must be able to participate and achieve in class without modification of course work.

If a student requires accommodation, he/she must disclose disability to Disability Resources 4-6 weeks prior to the start of class, provide current documentation of disability, and complete an intake appointment with the Disability Resources department. Accommodations will be provided if appropriate.

For more information, please contact the Disability Resources department at (928) 776-2085.

  IMPORTANT Information for Parents and Students


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal regulation that deals specifically with the education records of students who attend any post-secondary institution. Please read the complete FERPA policy

Federal Guidelines Regarding Eligibility for Federal Student Aid

Federal regulations require that students receiving financial aid must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Please read the complete policy.

It's important to remember that students are measured on attempted credits, and every class attempted or completed becomes part of the student's life-long, permanent record even if financial aid was not received for those courses. Students need to understand the implication of failing or withdrawing from a class even if federal aid is not used.

Regardless of where a student attends college, ALL post-secondary institutions are required to measure students’ eligibility as outlined above.

For great advice and tips to prepare for college, go to College Parent Central.