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Student Mail and Parcels

How to get your mail and parcels as a student living in the residence halls


All current residence hall students are authorized to receive personal mail and packages through the YC Mail Center.

It is against college policy to operate a business through your YC student address. Please contact the Mail Center for alternate suggestions.

Student address:

Student Name
Yavapai College Student
1100 E Sheldon St PMB 6800
Prescott AZ  86301-3296


New package pod / lockers are scheduled to be installed the end of September.  Until then, students will use the process emailed to them at the start of the semester.

Once the package pod arrives and has been installed more information will be sent out to our current students.  Here's a brief overview of what to expect.

After being received and processed here at Yavapai College, each persons mail and/or parcels will be placed in a locker in the package pod, located by the Rider Diner in building 3.

Students will receive an email and/or text alert that they have an item to pick up.  The message will contain the access code needed for use at the package pod kiosk to open the pertinent locker.  Alternatively, students will be provided information on the MyMailServices app that they can download onto their phones to be used to access the locker.  Using the app provides a touch-less process for you to open the lockers.

More details coming soon!