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Student Mailboxes & Keys

How to get your own personal mailbox and key as a student living in the residence halls


All residence hall students are assigned a mail box. Please stop by the Mail Center as soon as possible once you arrive on campus, and we'll assign you a mail box.

The mail box service is free unless you lose the key and then there is a $10.00 non-refundable replacement fee.

We make every attempt possible to keep your mail box number the same while you are at YC. You may retain the key during breaks, just remember to return it when you leave YC or check out of the residence halls.

Not returning the key when appropriate will result in a hold being placed on your records until either the key is returned or the fee is paid.

It is against college policy to operate a business through your YC student mail box. Please contact the Mail Center for alternate suggestions.

New Employees

Please stop by the Mail Center at your earliest convenience to find out your mail box number. We will let you know at that time where you will receive your YC mail.

Mail Box Key Use

You must use your key to retrieve your mail from your mailbox. Please do not ask mail clerk(s) to get your mail for you.