Where were you eight weeks ago?

Chances are, you were in an identical place, wondering when the world would return to normal; and wondering if the boredom would drive you mad. Or perhaps you were wondering if you’d be wondering the very same things eight weeks from now. (Spoiler alert: YES!)

It doesn’t have to be so. Yavapai College has unveiled 95 eight-week courses that can have you exploring your artistic side, improving your current skills, or even test-driving a career change – all before the year’s end.

Adventures and Discovery

Yavapai College’s eight-week course catalogue is designed especially for those seeking self-improvement during this societal pause. All six YC schools are offering three- and four-credit courses that begin Monday, October 12 and end Friday, December 11. Most of the classes are held online, so you can learn in a familiar space with your COVID-19 concerns at ease. In the time it takes to start, and abandon, that pre-holiday diet, you could experience an adventure, check a box on your bucket list, or even alter the course of your life.

YC’s Film and Media Arts program offers the most distinctive adventures, with classes in two very different forms of storytelling: The FMA 104 Podcasting class guides students through the process of conceiving and creating a podcast and sharing it online. Visually-oriented creatives might prefer FMA 113, the stop-motion animation class which teaches the fundamentals of the style made famous by Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. The School of Arts and Humanities is also providing artistic exploration in more traditional pursuits, with courses in Jewelry making, Digital Drawing, and Printmaking and many others.

Test-Driving or Doubling Down?

For many of us, the Spring and Summer lockdowns have fostered thoughts of fresh starts and new careers. YC’s eight-week courses allow informed decisions by offering introductions to a variety of different fields. The Computer Networking class teaches integrated networks and cybercrime prevention. Prospective teachers can test the waters with an Introduction to Early Childhood Education class. The College also offers introductory courses in Computer Programming, Accounting and more.

Those folks content with their collegiate path – who’d just like to step on the gas a little bit – can use the next few weeks to knock down core coursework in subjects including Biology, Mathematics or Accounting. And those who’d like to beef up their resumes or seize the moment for institutional advancement can find a world of development opportunities in the Business School, with classes ranging from Management to workplace communication to heightened organizational skills.

Registration for the October 12 classes is already underway. A full list of eight-week courses is available here. New students, former students, ancient students and those simply yearning to use this downtime well are encouraged to examine the list and contemplate a major life accomplishment, eight weeks from now. For more information, or to register, call: (928) 717-7777 or visit: