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How to and FAQs

Instructions on some of the services available to you

One-on-one training available. Call (928) 776-2187 or stop by building 7.

Can you print an original that is not a PDF?

No.  We have restricted submitted documents to PDF.  This will help us ensure that the end product you receive will be as expected.  Other file formats can easily change based on different color and font choices.

What is the largest size poster you can create?

12x18 color on glossy paper.

My original is smaller than 12x18. Can you enlarge it?

Yes. We can enlarge your original. Keep in mind that the proportions of your original are probably different from 12x18. When enlarged there will probably be large margins on the top and bottom of the poster. We can cut those off if you'd like.

I want to have something cut. How much space do you need between cuts?

Leave a minimum of 1/4 inch between your content and where you want it to be cut. The result should be 1/2 inch space between each item.

Why can't I print to my departmental copier?

If you do not have a PaperCut account set up, please have your supervisor or department administrative assistant submit the request form for you.

How much does it cost to print color?

Click here for a price sheet.

Can you create booklets?

Yes! We can create both b&w and color booklets. It is very important that you provide us with a properly formatted original. Click for a set up guides

I had something cut into (halves, quarters, thirds) and the margins are off?

It is very difficult to set up an original to produce equal margins-- especially for thirds. The margins between items need to be double the margin around the outer edge. If your project is double sided, proper alignment it complicated even further. We do our best to to trim your items so they are centered with equal margins.

What is "full-bleed"?

That means the image goes all the way to the edge of the paper. The only way to accomplish this is to print the item on over-size paper and cut inside the edge of the image.

What kind of original do you need to make something "full-bleed" for me?

Your original must be at least 1/2 inch larger than the finished size of your project.