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ITS Help Desk Hours and Phone Numbers

YC Student

  • Help Desk Phone
    (928) 776-2168
  • Desktop Services Hours
    Monday-Friday, 7am – 7pm

Help Desk Technical Request form

ITS Desktop Services Identification Policy

It is the policy of Yavapai College's ITS Department that each individual authorized to work on the college's desktop equipment will be identifiable.

Employees that are authorized to enter your offices to repair or replace desktop computer equipment will have a ID badge displayed on their person in plain view. This badge should contain the person's picture, and the letters ITS in large bold text (see example at right).

If the person's picture is not displayed, please call the Client Support Services Manager, Ike Whisenand, at ext. 2062 or Campus Police by dialing 311.

If someone enters your office claiming to be an ITS employee, but does not display the correct credentials, please browse the pictures below to verify that that person works for Desktop Services.

Team "ITS Help Desk"

  • Ike
  • Ike Whisendand
    The Bossman
  • (928) 776-2062
  • Rye Rye
  • Ryan Winkleman
  • (928) 237-7716
  • Mac Daddy
  • Brent Sellstrom
    Mac Daddy
  • (928) 776-2069
  • The Hobbfather
  • Jesse Hobby
  • (928) 237-7627

Computer Lab Phone Numbers


  • Computer Commons: (928) 776-2158
  • Library: (928) 776-2261
  • Disability Resources: (928) 776-2029
  • Learning Center: (928) 776-2085

PV, Chino, Sedona, Verde Valley

  • Chino Valley: (928) 717-7720
  • Prescott Valley: (928) 717-7910
  • Sedona: (928) 649-4266
  • Verde Valley: (928) 634-7501

Yavapai College Technology Resource Standards - Access YC campus computers from home allows off-campus access to computing resources through a Windows 7 desktop that contains all of the software that is in the YC general computer labs. It's just like you're sitting at a computer on campus, even though you're not!

The best thing about using is that students, faculty, and staff can access ALL of the lab computers applications from off-campus 24 x 7.

Identity Finder Tutorial