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Awards Committee

Improve staff engagement and job satisfaction through highlighting fellow employees with appreciation.


Yavapai College is overflowing with awesome team members. This is your chance to recognize a peer for going above and beyond the call of duty!

High Five awards are open to ALL college employees

  • Upon receipt of the nomination, an electronic award is sent to the employee
  • The employee will also receive a paper version and a Ruff magnet to showcase
  • The winners' names are then displayed on the website for all to see

It only takes a moment to say "I appreciate you" and brighten someone's day!

We look forward to seeing your nomination!


Click here to send a YC Roughrider High Five Award

October 2023 Winners

  • Alexa Cobarrubias
  • Sam Johnson
  • Angela Fabela
  • Ashley Harlan
  • Barrett Johnson
  • Bob Hoskovec
  • Brenda Burns
  • Calen Peterson
  • Carolyn Heath
  • Carol Beard
  • Cathleen Cunningham
  • Corinne Plapp
  • Cristina Poeppel
  • Dawnette Poland
  • Elijah Jones
  • Gwen Payne
  • Heather Knowles
  • Jessica Gaff
  • Layla Tenney
  • Lizzy Francis
  • Lori Couture
  • Natalie Inouye
  • Patrick Leon
  • Petra Bennett
  • Nick Rideout
  • Mattie Dundas
  • Wendy Present
  • Catherine Kefer
  • Linda Brannock

View the full archive of High Five winners - docx


Join the Awards Committee!

Come join the Awards Committee as a Division Rep and enjoy the planning of various fun activities to help recognize the excellent employees of Yavapai College. The committee plans events such as the Winter Celebration and the Years of Service. The committee also awards employees via the High Five Awards and the YC Way Awards.

Apply online here

Awards Committee Members