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Program Contacts

Instructional Specialist Holly Molina (928) 776-2295
Instructional Specialist Mitzi Martin (928) 776-2157
Dean Jill Fitzgerald (928) 776-2277

Quick Facts

About the Associate of Applied Science - Accounting

The Accounting degree program prepares students for employment in entry level positions in the accounting profession. Students are expected to have mastered basic English composition and math skills before beginning this program.

Note: Since this degree prepares students directly for employment, students interested in a transfer program in accounting should see an academic advisor for other educational options.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Accounting Degree program, the learner will be able to:


  1. Perform financial accounting functions using proper format and procedure based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the International Financial and Reporting Standards (IFRS). (ACC 121, ACC 122, ACC 131, ACC 132, ACC 161, ACC 231)
  2. Perform managerial accounting functions using proper format and procedure.  (ACC 132)
  3. Prepare, analyze, and interpret financial statements and reports for service, merchandising and manufacturing companies.  (ACC 121, ACC 131, ACC 132, ACC 161, ACC 162, ACC 231)
  4. Analyze and communicate the effects of tax rules on individuals, partnerships and corporations, and prepare complex tax returns for each.  (ACC 115, ACC 116)
  5. Utilize professional business communication skills. (ACC 296, BSA 102, CSA 126) 
  6. Use current technology and software applications to input, manage, and interpret financial information. (ACC 115, ACC 116, ACC 122, ACC 161, ACC 162, ACC 296, BSA 102, CSA 126)
  7. Identify, research, and recommend resolution of business issues, including ethical implications of alternatives. (ACC 131, ACC 132, ACC 231, BSA 131, BSA 132, BSA 236) 

General and Program-Specific Requirements

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Note:  It is always best to discuss educational and career goals with an academic advisor prior to enrolling in any courses.  Learn more about Academic Advising.