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The Boyd Tenney Library on the Prescott Campus is the Archives for Yavapai College. The College Archives contain current and historical College publications and related resources.

Materials available in the Archives

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The Archives are available anytime the library is open. Please ask to look at materials in this collection at the Reference Desk.

For assistance or questions, contact Shelly Gilliam at 928-776-2274 or

Arizona Memory Project

The digitization of the following two collections was supported with funds granted by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records Agency under the Library Services and Technology Act, which is administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Creative Arts Magazines, including Threshold (1977, 1979 - Present)

Creative Arts magazine cover of Threshold '88

View issues of the annual publication highlighting the creative efforts of the College’s students. Also included is a 1977 creative arts publication from the Verde Valley Campus. The publications are made available through the state-wide database, the Arizona Memory Project.

Early Publications of Yavapai College (1969-1981)

Dateline magazine cover from the 1970's

View yearbooks, the first Class Schedule, Catalog and Student Handbook (be sure to read the sections on the dress code and standards for women students) and student-produced magazines now available through the state-wide database, the Arizona Memory Project.

College Information

Emeritus Faculty

Explore this tribute to the Emeritus Faculty of Yavapai College. Discover the contributions these exceptional individuals have made to Yavapai College.

Dr. Will Fisher

Emeritus Faculty

History of the College

Historical highlights from 1965 to the present.

College Timeline

On Campus

In 1983, Yavapai College produced a series of monthly shows entitled "On Campus" that were broadcast on local channel KUSK.

Watch selected portions of "On Campus"

Introduction with Terri Groce, Host
Artwork on Prescott Campus
Laser/Holography with Don Speed
YC Classes Promo
Training Law Enforcement Police Certification Program with Charlie Berk
Ride Along with Sergeant Bill Hobbs of City of Prescott Police Department
YC Classes Promo
Learning Resource Center (Library)
YC Classes Promo
Gunsmithing Program with Anthony Ross

Introduction with Terri Groce, Host
Solar 3 Construction with Jean Maissen and Don Sie
Cyprus Bagdad Mine Tour
YC Extension Classes at Bagdad with Joe Lee
YC Open House Promo
Women's Basketball Team
YC Open House Promo
Tutoring with Kristy Creamer
Nursing Program
YC Open House Promo
Tim Parks, Comedian
Credits & Upcoming Events

Introduction with Terri Groce, Host
Tour of Verde Valley Campus
Student Profile of Dennis Conditt Panning for Gold
Baseball Team with Coach Rod Soesbe
Student Tour of Tuzigoot & Fort Verde with Ken Abbott
Open House at Prescott & Verde Campus

Introduction with Meredith Fisher, Host
Jogging Trail & Sabbatical to Europe, with Dr. Guillermo Bartelt
YC Classes Promo
Graduation Ceremonies & Music with Rich Longfield, Band; Jim Burns, Chorale
YC Classes Promo
Models and Model Rockets with Kurt Womack
YC Classes Promo
Dance with Anandha Ray
YC Classes Promo
David Hochstetler
Highlights of last school year

Tour of Prescott Campus
Birdwatching at Granite Basin Lake
Interviews with Students
David Hochstetler Returns to Teaching
Volleyball Team
Upcoming Events

Introduction with Roy Holt, Host
Retirement of Jim Burns
Diesel Program
Life in Supai Hall with Peggy Pratt
Production of Roughrider with Keith Patrick
Opening of Student Lounge (Flagstone Room)
Concert with Rich Longfield, Orchestra and Band

Oral Histories

Listen to and watch recordings of alumni, faculty, staff, administrators and community members tell of their experiences with the College.

In order to celebrate the rich history of Yavapai College, a partnership was created between the Boyd Tenney Library, Prescott Campus and the College Honors Program in 2007/2008. Mollie Gugler, College Archivist and Brent Roberts, Honors Program Coordinator led the project.

The College Honors students interviewed individuals who had a long-term association with the college. Over fifty interviews were completed. The interviewees represented a broad spectrum of experiences with the college – administrators, alumni, community members, faculty, and staff. The collective voice of their memories provides a rich testament of the passion and commitment of individuals to make Yavapai College the institution it is.

Interviews are added to this collection as time permits.


Read what alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members have to say about their experiences at Yavapai College.

Faculty & Administrators