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Faculty & staff services

Ask the Library to set your library card to "faculty" or "staff".

Extended due dates

For YC Library owned materials, you can request the due date be extended to the end of the semester.

Library instruction

For many students, this is their first time inside a library and/or writing a research paper.

Put a friendly face to the library and introduce your students to the library's resources.

Librarians will teach your students how to search databases, choose a topic, and where to go for research help.


Borrow a YC laptop until the end of the semester. Access to the YC VPN is preconfigured.

  • For short-term use by YC employees that are not issued a YC laptop; volunteers or affiliates working on YC projects. Not for faculty or full-time staff.
  • Only department deans and directors can request a laptop for their employees or volunteers.
  • Employees must have access to the YC VPN. If employee does not have VPN access, use Access Management to put in the request.
  • Employees must have a library card.
  • Can be renewed for more time by the department dean or director.

Request a laptop (YC login required)

Group tours

We will give your students a 20-minute tour of the Library and services.

Request a purchase

We encourage faculty requests for material to support your class.

The Library has a budget to purchase supplemental materials (not textbooks) that support each curriculum area and support cultural enrichment. Library selectors choose books, films, music, and journals that are purchased and added to the collection.

Course reserves

Place class materials on the Reserves shelf at the library. Ex. personal copy of a course textbook, library books, DVDs, etc.

Distribute materials

The Library will distribute course materials to students. Please provide a list of names.

Homework dropoff

Students can drop off their homework at the Library.

Canvas teaching tools

You can place a link in Canvas so students can go directly to an article in the library databases. If they are off-campus, they are prompted to log in.

Most of our article databases already have the proxy as part of the URL. Exception: some links in JSTOR.

Database URL to use Example URL
American Chemical Society copy URL
CQ Researcher use Document URL
(at bottom of article)
EBSCO use  Permalink
Encyclopedia Britannica copy URL
Gale use Get Link
JSTOR use  Stable URL, preferable with

(this URL needs Proxy, see below)

Ovid copy URL


use Cite

ValueLine copy URL,_2021.aspx

Just paste this proxy prefix before any URL that links to an article in a library database.


An interactive skill-builder for using library resources.

Copy and paste this link in your Canvas module. Students can email a certificate of completion to the instructor.

OER (Open Educational Resources)

Find Open Educational Resources for your courses.

Use the library instruction room
Prescott only

Various groups can reserve the room, depending on availability.