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Database how-tos

Why use library databases?

Benefits of using library databases over searching the web.

Search databases with keywords

Follow a YC student as he uses the many features of a library database.

Interactive tutorial
CQ Researcher basics

An interactive tutorial for searching in the CQ Researcher database.

Ebook Central basics

How to access Ebook Central ebooks using Adobe Digital Editions.

Library Catalog basics

A video tutorial for searching the library catalog.

OverDrive setup & use

How to install, setup, & use on your devices.

Interactive tutorial
ProQuest basics

An interactive tutorial for searching in the ProQuest databases.

Interactive tutorial
SiRS Researcher basics

An interactive tutorial for searching in the SiRS Researcher database.

Research skills

Key research skills

Explore techniques to writing a great research paper. Learn how to budget your time, choose a topic, find resources, and cite.

Budget your time Choose a topic Determine the best resources Develop your topic Explore & evaluate your information
Avoiding plagiarism

Useful examples and guidelines for avoiding plagiarism.

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Assessing websites

How to evaluate the best websites for your research.

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Evaluating magazines & newspapers

Select articles that meet your research needs.

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Online search strategies

Explore techniques to make your web searches more fruitful.

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Popular vs scholarly articles

Learn the differences between scholarly journals (peer-reviewed), and popular or trade magazines.

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Citation guides

It is important to cite your sources to give credit where it is due and to avoid the consequences of plagiarism.

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