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Library instruction

Put a friendly face to the library and introduce your students to the library's resources.

What's in a library instruction?

A librarian will work with you to create a tailored lesson plan.

Your students will learn about:

  • Searching databases
  • Contacting librarians for help
  • Research organization with electronic & print resources
  • Keyword searching
  • Decerning web resources
  • Introduction to library resources

Choose your Library Instruction delivery method:


A YC Librarian will come to your classroom via in-person or Zoom to teach research skills specifically designed for your students’ assignments.

Request synchronous library instruction

Asynchronous NEW

Our librarians will create a research instruction video to teach research skills specifically designed for your students’ assignments. Students have the opportunity to take an assessment and email a certificate of completion to their instructor for grading purposes.

Request asynchronous library instruction

Don't have enough classtime for a full session?

5 minutes: Librarian visits your classroom for an introduction.  Request library instruction

20 minutes: Request a group tour

0 minutes: Add a library assignment in Canvas

  • Interactive database tutorials
  • Scavenger hunt


"There are many things I appreciate about Ginney and Shelly's library instruction!

Their [the librarians] presentations were informative and directly relevant to the assignment the students were working on. I have been thrilled with the results - the sources the students now use are much more sophisticated and the formatting of their citations are much more accurate.

They have also offered the same support in my online classes.

At first, having synchronous instruction in an online environment was challenging for students' schedules. But we worked together to find a solution, which was to create videos so that the students could view them asynchronously and have unrestricted access to review them. These videos are custom made for my class and the assignment we are working on. In addition, the library offers a short assessment alongside the videos to evaluate comprehension. The students always score high on these - they realize the treasure that is the YC library and it shows in their work. I cannot recommend library instruction enough!"

Dr. Brandelyn Andres, Professor of Art History

"The librarians always go above and beyond to support the students and faculty, especially when it comes to research. I include a "field trip" to the library each semester for instruction on the YC databases so that they can complete the Works Cited more effectively. At the end of the semester, students never fail to mention this was one of the most helpful and important things we did over the semester. The librarians are one of our most valuable resources!"

Allison Wimmer, English faculty

"Spending time in the library was super helpful for me because I became much more familiar with the resources we are given as students at Yavapai. My favorite feature was probably the access we have to the thousands of articles and books."

YC English student

"Navigating through the YC databases can be tricky. It is very easy to get lost. After going through it on Monday, it really cleared up any questions that I had."

YC English student

"I found the library very helpful because the lady showed us shortcuts I had no idea existed."

YC English student