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Overdue & lost materials

Did you receive a charge for an overdue, lost, or damaged library item? Don't panic! You can pay most fees at any circulation desk or over the phone.

Pay your library fees

You can't borrow or renew items if your library fines reach $10. Once you pay your balance below $10, you can check things out again. The Fines & Fees Policy has more information.

In person or by phone

Go to the Circulation Desk in the library to pay by cash, check, or credit card. Or, call with your credit card information. If you have lost or damaged fees, see Lost or Damaged Fees below.

Online credit card (YC students, staff, faculty)

You can pay for overdue or lost book fees with a credit card in YC's online payment site.

First, call the Circulation desk for the total amount you owe. Then use the button to make a payment.

Student registration is on hold

When you owe more than $25.00 in overdue fees or have lost or damaged items, you can't register for classes or request transcripts.

Overdue fees

We charge fees for late items so that we can ensure continued access to library materials. You can avoid late fees by returning or renewing items on time.

Lost or damaged fees

Did you lose or damage something from the library? Contact us as soon possible and we can explain your options.

We typically charge the cost to replace the item and a processing fee. These fees are waived (except overdue fees) if you return the item in working order within 6 months, or if you bring in a replacement copy of the same ISBN in like-new condition. The Fines & Fees Policy has more information.

If you have lost or damaged an item owned by another library in the Yavapai Library Network , please contact that library for your payment options.

If you have lost or damaged an Interlibrary Loan item, please contact Interlibrary Loan for your options.