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GED Program Spring Enrollment

Has Begun. 

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ALL CLASSES ARE FREE. Classes Start February 1st.

All GED classes are currently online only

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GED Orientation and Zoom Registration

Pretest assessments and a virtual Zoom meeting are required before students may begin class.
All students are required to bring a valid picture I.D. to Zoom registration.

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GED Online Course Offerings
Spring 2021

GED Courses

8 Week Sessions



* Placement based on Assessment

Math 101 - Math Basics for the GED* Writing For the GED-Prep for RLA Essay
Math 202 - Algebra I - Beginning* Reading Skills for the GED*
Math 203 - Algebra II - Intermediate* Essential Science Topics for the GED
Math 204 - Introduction to Geometry* Essential Social Studies Topics for the GED
Data Analysis - Interpretting Graphics for the Math, Social Studies, and Science GED Tests Arizona Civics for the GED


START - END     

8-Week Session


Tue Thur   11:30 AM to 12:45 PM Mar 22 - May 13

     Math Essentials for the GED  

Mon Wed    10:00 AM to 12:45 PM Apr 12 - Jun 2     Data Analysis    Writing for the GED Essay 
Mon Wed    5:00 to 7:45 PM Apr 12 - Jun 2     Beginning Algebra   Decoding Word Problems 
Tue Thur     5:00 to 7:30 PM Apr 13 - Jun 3     Geometry for the GED    
Independent Study  TBA      AZ Civics     Science     Social Studies
Reading Skills for the GED - By Invitation Only

Start fresh today!

If you are at least 16 years old, out of high school, and are a legal US resident, you are eligible to join us!

 Overview of GED Prep Classes

Due to COVID restrictions, the college has moved our GED classes to an online format. No matter where you are, our teachers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. GED courses cover the essential GED topics relevant to passing the GED test. Math courses range from math basics, through essential algebra and geometry, to mixed math practice with a focus on solving GED-type word problems. Other courses include Writing in preparation for the passing the GED essay, Reading skills practice to strengthen comprehension, and essential skills to pass the Science, Social Studies, and Civics tests. Online tutoring is available.

GED: Our Virtual Classroom (Online class)

Our GED online courses include a twice-weekly virtual Zoom classroom with an instructor. Teachers also meet individually with every student for weekly goal setting, tutoring and coaching. Homework is required. Free GED practice testing is available. 

Our program offers several ways to prepare for the GED, college or career. Each non-credit class includes pre- and post-assessments, Official GED Practice Tests, and instruction which targets what you need to achieve your goals -- all our classes are all FREE and open to students with or without a high school diploma.