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Club Rush



englishHelps to spread awareness and raise interest within Yavapai College and our community about all aspects of English including reading and writing both fiction and non-fiction. Club members collaborate with educators and other clubs to foster an appreciation for literature and the writing process.

Contact: Clayton Baumgarter (928)776-2035.

lawThe Law & Justice Club The Justice Club spreads awareness and heightens the awareness within our school and our community about the Law, civil and criminal, and its effect on society.

Contact: Jerald Monahan, (928) 776-2184.

freepik.com image castleLiving History Club educates the student and the public about the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance history and reenactment.

Contact: Brandelyn Andres (928)717-7739; brandelyn.andres@yc.edu and Joanne Cole

Meeting dates TBD.

robotPurpose is to spread awareness and raise interest within our Yavapai College and our community about robotics and robotic competitions. Club members will work with educators and other clubs to earn valuable life experience with robotics, technology and science.

Contact: Elizabeth Peters, (928) 717-7128

flightThe YC Flight Club promotes the awareness and interest of UnManned Aircraft Systems (UAS) within our college and our communities, and the use of emerging technology in field applications.

Contact: Matthew Mintzmyer

philosopher imageThe Philosophy Club at Yavapai College is dedicated to the discussion and understanding of philosophical concepts and ideas. We have discussions in addition to community engaged events. Our aim is to spread awareness and raise interest within our college and community about philosophy.

Contact: Dr. Andrew M. Winters, (928) 771-4855

gearThe Psychology Club provides students an opportunity to learn more about the broad field of psychology as well as other related social sciences such as sociology and social work.

Contact: Mark Whiteley, (928) 717-7104


castProvides students with guidance, inspiration, and education. Club members will work with educators and mentors to earn valuable life experience in the performing arts.

Contact: Ginney Bilbray, (928) 776-2262

cameraJoin Northern Arizona filmmakers, film students and film lovers as we explore the art and business of film! The Film club's aim is to spread awareness and raise interest within our school and our community about films, film history, film creation, and story-telling. Club members will work with educators, filmmakers, students and other clubs to earn valuable life experience through films.

Contact Helen Stephenson, Director of the YC Film and Media Arts Program, for information or to join us: (928) 649.4284. For more information on the YC Film and Media Arts Program please visit our YC page or Facebook!

Meeting dates and times vary with schedules of special speakers. Interested parties are encouraged to join the YC Film and Media Arts newsletter to keep abreast of meeting dates and locations.

visual artsYC Visual Arts Club focuses on developing a greater appreciation, understanding and practice of the visual arts. Members participate in creative activities including service projects, field trips to local galleries and museums, cooperation with local organizations, educators and other club members to earn valuable life experience about creating, documenting, exhibiting and selling art.

Contact: Bryan Robertson, (928) 776-2293


gearA pro-life club on campus, here to talk about abortion. Our goal is to make abortion unthinkable by educational talks on abortion. Involved in community events/projects to help serve women and families in crises pregnancies.

Contact: Clayton Baumgartner, (928) 776-2035

i am yc I AM YC  is a student run association dedicated to philanthropy and investing in student success. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside the Yavapai College Foundation and learn the inner workings of Philanthropy. Learn more about I am YC's mission and the ways this club helps students.

Contact: Janice Soutee, (928) 776-2125

elder Love For Our Elders Yavapai College chapter wishes to spread love and joy to senior citizens living in nursing homes. Club members get the privilege of reaching out to these elders through hand-written letters to remind them that they are important and valued members of our community. Through compassion and kindness, club members can earn community service and feel great doing it. LFOE participation is a great club for people who have busy schedules but still want to take part in a good cause. Members can write letters and attend meetings from home. By the simple act of writing and sending letters, members will be providing a valuable community service and emotional support to our elders. Members will learn how easy selfless acts of service can be; a lesson that is carried for a lifetime.

Contact: Denise Woolsey, (928) 776-2259

volunteer icon YC JustServe Club performs service projects in our communities that will help those in need (especially those who are underserved) and improve our communities.

Contact: Curtis Kleinman, (928) 776-2290

Faith Based Clubs

bahaiPromote racial unity, equality of men and women, and world citizenship through the tenets of the Baha'i Faith.

Contact: Judith Russell, (928) 900-4401

canyonProvides a context in which college students can develop a clearer understanding of Christianity and the teachings of the Bible, and an opportunity for Christian College Students to serve other students, faculty and staff, as well as our community at large. Contact: (email duane.ransom@yc.edu) 928.776.2316

Contact: Duane Ransom, (928) 776-2316

reflectionThe Delta Tri Alpha Club is dedicated to expanding knowledge through critical examination of real life moral and ethical dialogue. To find answers to questions we all have in a safe environment where it's okay to offer an opinion, ask a question, make a statement knowing that you won't be judged.

Delta Tri Alpha website

Michael Schaible(928) 771+6112

angelFCA is a group that meets to learn more about God’s character and how to apply that character to everyday life. The club is devoted to like minded competitors desiring to live for Jesus on and off the field/court.

Contact: Christopher Delgado, Christopher.Delgado@yc.edu

angelThe LDSSA promotes spiritual well-being, fosters and strengthens friendships, and upholds Church standards by sponsoring activities and events for LDS students here at Yavapai College.

Contact: Linda Brannock, (928) 776-2170


autoYC Auto Club provides industrial ed students an avenue to hone their skills in welding, motorcycle, diesel, auto mechanics and auto body. The club prepares students to be productive members of our communities.

Contact: Sonny Rodriguez | (928) 717-7378

democratThe Young Democrats Club is a political club with a democrat slant that focuses on information exchange, conversions about politics, ideals, world affairs, political debates, and other topics of the like.

Contact: Dr. Andrew M. Winters | (928) 771-4855

wellness club logoThe Health & Prevention Club creates opportunities for students and YC community members to participate in substance free wellness based activities and educational workshops. 

Contact: James Tobin (928) 771-6183

jugglingLearn to juggle or share your juggling skills!

Contact: Norma Ortega (928) 776-2201

jugglingThe mission of the Meditation Club is to help the YC Community of students, faculty, and staff learn tools and practices to achieve a state of calm, clarity, and higher awareness, to let go of stress, turbulent emotions, and alienation.

Contact: Mark Whiteley, (928) 717-7104

shieldProvides opportunities for both Native American students and staff to interact with and to support each other through a variety of inter-tribal activities. You do not need to be Native American to join this club.  We are planning some great events so come join us!

Contact: Bob Hoskovec, 928-776-2148

prideThe Pride Club provides support and a safe, welcoming environment for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity who are passionate about fostering tolerance and acceptance of the LGBTQA community both on and off campus.

Contact: Suzanne.Waldenberger | (928) 771-6187

chevronProvides supportive connections for students with military affiliation to generate camaraderie through activities, volunteerism, and/or community outreach.  Open to veterans, military family members, students, and the community.

Contact:  | (928) 717-7211 or Gwen Payne (928) 717-7146


snowThis club aims to create a welcoming atmosphere that motivates new and experienced snowboarders and skiers to come together and enjoy the sport.

Contact: Ed Bushman | (928) 776-2153.

Topic TBD club logoThis club is involved in discussions and debates on current issues involving sociopolitical, ethical, and other global concerns with students at the college and fellow community members.

Contact: Dr. Andrew M. Winters, (928) 771-4855

videogameVideo Game Club provides a socially inclusive environment for unofficial video gaming competition opportunities.

Contact: Kevin Lewis, (920 776-2207


checkmarksAllied Health Club offers students an opportunity to learn leadership skills along with refining their career skill. It also teaches about professionalism and community service. Check out our Facebook page at Allied Health Club

Stacy Turley, RN, (928) 717-7197
Sonia Ayala, BSN, RN, (928) 717-7157

Prescott Campus

nurseThe SNA-YC is a pre-professional organization committed to supporting and mentoring future nurses by providing opportunities in: 1) Leadership, 2) Professional Development and 3) Community Service. Membership is open to pre-nursing and nursing students.

Contact: Gillian Troxel; (928) 634-6516

Verde Valley Campus

nurseAll students enrolled in the nursing program are members. This club works with the community on several projects during the school year to assist those who may have health, financial, or educational needs.

Contact: Cynthia Schroeder, (928) 649-5470

grapesThe Viticulture & Enology Grand Crew is an organization committed to supporting all current students and alumni of the viticulture and enology program. The Grand Crew promotes the development and growth of its student members by supporting positive relationships in the community and the wine industry. A key tenet to this organization is inclusiveness in a professional and educational environment. Located at the Southwest Wine Center.

Contact: Michael Pierce, (928) 634-6586


torchProviding educational enrichment opportunities and scholarship incentives for superior students attending any Yavapai College campus, the program helps to provide an environment that nurtures students: Academically, Socially, Emotionally, and Intellectually. Approved application required.

Learn more about the CHP

Contact: Denise Woolsey, or (928) 776-2259

Meetings: Friday mornings in teleconferencing capable classrooms on both Verde & Prescott. TBD.

ribbonPTK Honor Society provides opportunities for individual growth and development through four hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship. Membership is open to degree-seeking students who have completed a minimum of 12 credits with a 3.5 GPA.

Learn more about PTK

Contact: Denise Woolsey, or (928) 776-2259

checkmarksFBLA inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences. Club members work with educators and other clubs to earn valuable life experiences with networking, communication and leadership skills.

Contact: Eric Hall, (928) 776-2275

shieldThe RAD Organization is a pre-professional organization committed to supporting and mentoring future radiologic technologists by providing opportunities in: Leadership, Professional Development, and Mentorship to current and future Rad Tech Students. Membership is open to pre-radiology and radiology students.

Contact: Tracy Rasponi, (928) 717-7108

checkmarks Students of Leadership provides these vital leadership skills: Individual strength Team-building Self-evaluation and reflection Critical thinking Problem solving Service leadership and community engagement .

Learn more about SOL

Sol Advisors:
Janice Soutee, Prescott Campus


TRiOSSS-TRiO promotes academic success for eligible, certificate and/or degree-seeking students who have completed the SSS TRiO Orientation. Learn more about SSS-TRIO

Contact: Sureka Wrublik, 928-776-2382 and Carolyn Heath, 928-634-6515

teamwork Deepen your College Experience Fun!

Interact with like-minded people to achieve common goals while you engage in activities that promote personal and professional growth and opportunities for community service. Make new friends and generate new interests.

checklist How to Start a Club

If you are interested in creating a new club, find out more and apply using the New Club Application . Additional information can be found in the Student Club Handbook or contact us at studentactivities@yc.edu

Virtual Club Meeting

The virtual club meeting has many advantages, but it also introduces new challenges. This form will help initiate and support the importance of connecting and engaging with other YC students with similar interests.

  • Fill out this form if you need help to begin to conduct Virtual Club Meeting
  • Schedule club meeting(s) two weeks in advance
  • Schedule meeting(s) in ZOOM – Advisors see employee portal to schedule via ZOOM
  • Connect to club members via Communication Tools below ALWAYS include meeting date/time/link to zoom
  • During virtual club meeting(s) try to enforce in-person meeting habit to increase participation, i.e. Cameras, notetaking, agenda, objective for meetings to stay on track
  • Assign a meeting monitor to keep an eye out for questions, posts and interjects from club members (can record meeting)
  • Encourage participation. Regularly ask remote attendees if they have comments and encourage participants to post a message in a 'chat'
  • Tools for ZOOM – equipment checkout

Marketing Virtual Club Meeting

  • Email template
  • Flier template
  • Social Media