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Student Club Application

Please complete the fields below to request a new club and organization. The form will be reviewed by Student Activites to determine if this club or organization may be created. Any questions regarding this process may be directed to mary.rizk@yc.edu; 928-776-2020.

Application requirements:

The following are required to request a new club:

  1. Complete the application below
  2. You must have at least five (5), currently ennrolled students who are interested in participating in the club. Please list names in the area provided below
  3. The club or organization must have an identified, full-time faculty or staff advisor. Note: Club advisors are not financially compensated for their participation with the club.
  4. Attach a constitution for your proposed club.  Organizations do not need to submit a constitution. (see links to an example & template below)
  5. Additional information can be found in the Student Club Handbook or contact us at mary.rizk@yc.edu

Is your proposed Club Advisor a full time faulty or staff member? |

Has your Club Advisor received their supervisor's approval?


Please list at least five (5), currently ennrolled students who are interested in participating in the club

Please note: All documents MUST be submitted in a Word (.docx) or PDF format (.pdf). No file exceeding 5MB can be uploaded.

See this example of a club constitution or you may also use the constitution template.

Policy Acknowledgement:

I have read and understand the policies and guidelines outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. I agree, as the Designated Student leader, that our club will abide by the procedures and rules stated in the Student Code of Conduct. I understand that this club and/or organization must be open to all Yavapai College students and there shall be no barrier or unequal treatment based on race, ethnic background, gender, age, religion, sexual preference, sexual identity, disability or national origin. I understand that if our club violates any provision herein may be subject to disciplinary action, including an extended period on probationary status or having their recognition permanently revoked.

Yavapai College Photo and Videotape Policy:

Yavapai College takes photos and videotapes of students throughout the year. These photographs often include students in classrooms, study areas, residence halls, athletic events, and so forth. Yavapai College reserves the right to use these photographs as part of its publicity and marketing efforts. Students who enroll at Yavapai College do so with the understanding that these photographs might include them and might be used in college publications for publicity.