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Kaitlin Woytus

Kaitlin Woytus

First Officer (Aviator)

Meet YC Alumna Kaitlin Woytus who recently received the Lady Aviator of the Day award from the Lady Aviators nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization, a public charity for the educational and scientific advancement of women in all areas of aviation. Here’s what she told them upon receiving her recognition:

“My interest in aviation was sparked by my grandfather who was a KC-135 pilot for the USAF and an active member of our local EAA chapter.

My first logged flight was in 2015 and I was immediately hooked. I spent the next 4 years earning my flight certificates and ratings while also pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation. After accomplishing the goals I set for myself back in 2015, I decided to continue my training and become a flight instructor so I could help the next round of aspiring pilots.

I’m currently a First Officer on the ERJ 135/145 for JSX. This is only the beginning of my career and I could not be happier with where aviation has taken me.

My advice to aspiring pilots is that flight training is not a ‘one size fits all.’ If you aren’t jiving with your flight instructor or flight school, don’t be afraid to speak up. Take charge of YOUR flight training.”