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Information pertaining to Facilities Management.

 Who reserves rooms now that 25Live has decentralized Facilities from this task?

The new reservation system, 25Live, came on line the Summer of 2012.  This new system decentralized the process of contacting Facilities for reservations to each department and division selecting their own requestor in order to streamline reservation requests.  Please contact Your Supervisor, Director, or Dean for your area's requestor.  Reservations are now the responsibility of each department.  25Live allows for set up information to be requested the same time as the room request.  Facilities will continue to create work orders for the set ups through the 25Live system.  It is very important that set up information is input through 25Live to avoid last minute issues with set ups.

 What types of services are provided by Facility Services?
  • college vehicle repairs
  • moves
  • temperature control
  • special event set-ups
  • space programming
  • line van reservations
  • general maintenance & repairs
  • landscape services
  • renovations
  • keys & lock repairs
  • custodial services
  • information on campus design and layout
 Who do I contact when I have a maintenance request?

Contact you Supervisor prior to request for approval.  All departments have an approved Super User to input requests through Facilities work order system.  Contact Facilities (776.2180) or e-mail (facility@yc.edu) if you would like to be added to the list.  Complete information is needed in order to process requests: Campus, Building, Room Location, and Description of Work Requested.

 Who do I call after hours?

Facilities Office hours: Mon - Fri 7:00am-4:30pm. Calls after 4:30pm roll over to our night custodian until 11:30pm.

Between 11:30pm - 7:00am contact Campus Police: (928)776-2185

What is considered an emergency/routine call? If there is an emergency, contact Campus Police (928-776-2185).  Emergency calls are those that involve potential threat or damage to life or property (gas leak, fire alarms, water leaks, etc.)  Routine calls are requests for services that can be scheduled (painting, light bulbs, keys, etc.)

 What do I do when my office, lab, or classroom is too hot or too cold?

Call Facilities at (928-776-2180)  Once your call is received, a work order is computer generated with your requestor information: name, time and date of call, location, and description of problem.  The work order is immediately given to an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) supervisor who has on-line access to most areas via our computerized energy management system.  The majority of temperature problem calls can be handled via the computer.  An HVAC technician will be dispatched to your location when necessary.

 How do I request the use of a College van?

See van usage guidelines prior to requesting vehicle.  All van driver's must have training prior to driving.  Contact Facilities e-mail: facility@yc.edu.

 Who do I contact when a job is incomplete?

Facilities (928-776-2180) should be notified first.