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Teaching & Learning Committee


The Teaching & Learning Committee (TLC) is a faculty standing committee.

Overview of TLC purpose and guidelines:

a. Purpose

  • Our purpose is to coordinate and promote excellence in teaching, learning, and student success at Yavapai College.

b. Activities

  • Create and promote a culture of communication and collaboration at Yavapai College that improves student success through teaching and learning.
  • Support innovative activities for teaching and learning that positively affect student success.
  • Provide consultation and support for faculty for teaching, learning, student success and innovation.
  • Coordinate professional development activities for faculty within the College that support improvements in teaching, learning and student success.
  • Report to Senate at least once per semester, and recommend improvements/modifications to policies/procedures as necessary.

c. Membership

  1. Eight faculty members will be chosen at-large during Faculty Association elections.
  2. Faculty will serve two year terms. These terms will be staggered so that no more than half of the committee members are first time members in any academic year.
  3. In the event all committee positions are not filled, the Faculty Senate can appoint interested faculty to the committee.
  4. Nonvoting members are appointed by Faculty Senate as needed/desired.

d. Chair

  1. Coordinate efforts to improve teaching and learning at the College.
  2. Coordinate committee activities with other Faculty Association committees.
  3. Elected by the committee members at the last meeting of the fall semester in the preceding academic year to serve as chair the following academic year.


Members Division
Gino Romeo - Chair Verde; CHM
Mark Whitely Prescott; PSY
Marie Hardman PV; AHS
Jason Ebersole Prescott; EMS
Laura Cline Prescott; ENG
Sandy Van Lieu Prescott; ENG
Suzanne Waldenberger Prescott; HUM
Cynthia Schroeder Prescott; NSG
Spencer Coffin CTEC; UAS
Ex-Officio Members
Thatcher Bohrman TeLS Consultant
Stacey Hilton OIS Dean


In 2016, the GIFT Center group was retired and a faculty standing committee with similar goals was formed the Teaching & Learning Committee (TLC).