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2022-24 Academic Master Plan

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master-plan-cover.jpgThe Purpose

The goal of academic planning is to ensure the mission and values of Yavapai College (YC) are carried out through careful planning and implementation. An academic master plan is a dynamic living document that provides a framework for academic designing and decision-making. This document will be updated in accordance with those needs as identified through Progression Plan Day, the Program Review Process, and Assessment Day.

The Planning Process

This project began in Fall 2021 with committee meetings twice a month during the 2020-2021 academic year. The committee members adhered to the guidelines as put forward in the YC Guiding Principles for Strategic Decision Making to ensure discussions focused on students, student success, teaching and learning excellence, strategic investment, and evidence-based decision making.

Message from Dr. Diane Ryan, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Diane RyanThe aim of the Academic Master Plan (AMP) is to align the District Governing Boards educational ends with the institution’s strategic goals. Everything we do in academics is important, but not everything is a priority. If something is not in the AMP, it does not mean it will not be started or eliminated. The document is a living document to be adjusted over a three-year timeline 2021-2024. A yearly evaluation of the plan and its action steps will be reviewed.

The arrangement of the document is in line with the four institutional strategic goals and its pillars: Student Belonging, Living Wage, Adult Learner, and Delivery. Each subsection will provide examples of how the workforce, transfer, and community education ends of Yavapai College (YC) meet that definition. The intended aim is to provide a comprehensive metric of the status of each educational end so that actionable steps may be taken to fulfill the goals of YC.

The philosophy of the academic master plan refocuses our priority to making the college ready to teach or train our students from where they start. Our goal is to build confidence in our students so they can build academic skills in the workplace, a transfer university, or in life.

As a college it is our responsibility to leave them better off then when they came to us.