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Prior Learning Assessment

Earn college credit for learning obtained outside the traditional classroom. Yavapai College recognizes that learning experiences take place in a variety of settings. Students may be awarded college credit for prior or extra-institutional learning based on established assessment methods such as these three described below.

Send test scores / ACE transcripts to:

Registrar's Office
1100 E. Sheldon Street
Prescott, AZ 86301

Do you have agency certifications?
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Make an appointment with Academic Advising at 928.776.2106 to request credit for prior learning.

Credit awarded is not necessarily transferable to other institutions and may impact financial aid awards.

licence image   Agency or industry certifications or licenses may count towards a degree

Agency or industry certifications or licenses

If you have any type of agency or industry certification, speak to your academic advisor to request a review of your certifications or licenses for possible earned college credit.

Examples include:
CPR certification, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), A+ Computer Certification, ASE Certifications, FAA Certifications

See how your certifications/licenses match up

Military Training and Experience/ACE Transcripts

ACE Military Registry Transcripts, including your Joint Service Transcript (JST) or CCAF transcript, can be reviewed for college credit.

You must request that your transcript be sent to the Registrar’s Office or electronically to:

If you have completed courses or exams through an ACE credit evaluated organization:

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