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Advanced Manufacturing Technology

What is Advanced Manufacturing?

Advanced Manufacturing is manufacturing for the 21st century. Just about everything you touch in a day was produced using automated manufacturing processes. Students who complete the Advanced Manufacturing program gain foundation skills in manual and automated machining, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, fabrication and welding, basic electronics, and robotics.

Our jack-of-all-trades graduates can find employment in almost any modern manufacturing plant as electro-mechanical technicians, industrial maintenance technicians or industrial machine mechanics.


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The Advanced Manufacturing degree is designed to teach students marketable skills in high tech automated manufacturing processes that incorporate innovative technologies to improve production of products from design to manufacturing stages.

Note: Freeport McMoRan, Inc. sponsors a mining program designed to prepare students for direct employment in the mining industry. There are special admission requirements for this program. Contact 928.776.2002 for details.


The Certificate in Automated Industrial Technology prepares students to troubleshoot, maintain and repair a variety of automated electromechanical, product assembly, and product distribution systems that use programmable controls and other methodologies to accomplish system management. These systems include robotic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and electronic devices. Provides the skills to define, install, adjust, and maintain automated systems.

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