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Film and Media Arts

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Film and Media Arts

Catapult yourself into the film and media industry with our hands-on Film and Media Arts Program! Using state of the art gear, (at no extra charge) professional software and industry knowledgeable instructors, we create storytellers through coursework, projects and hands-on learning. Our goal is to create film and media professionals who know how to use the power of media to inform, entertain and connect with their respective audiences and – just as important, each other.

We offer small class sizes and a collaborative, hands-on approach that provides a personalized experience for every student.

Start here to develop your vision, voice, and discover your career path at YC where you can get a real-world education!

Film and Media Arts Program Resources

(No charge for use by current students)

  • Black Magic Cameras
  • Sony C-100 Cameras
  • Lens Kits
  • Sound Kits
  • ARRI Light Kits
  • Sound Booth
  • Studio Space


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The Media and Extended Realities Certificate offers students a comprehensive curriculum focused on digital design, extended realities (XR) development, and 3D modeling. Students will learn about architecture, lighting, sound design, hardware components for XR, 3D visualization software, and will culminate their studies with an experiential capstone project. This program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in the field of digital design and extended realities.

The Media Production Certificate provides hands-on training for producing well-crafted, engaging content across all platforms including film, television, and social media channels.

The Media Editing and Post-Production Certificate prepares students for entry-level employment in the post-production field. Coursework provides hands-on training to create engaging content across platforms including film, television, and social media.

This certificate prepares students for employment as a Script Supervisor. This hands-on certificate covers the duties and skills of the script supervisor from pre-production through production. This includes knowledge of screenwriting format and structure, breaking down the script, department roles and the basic language of continuity including eyelines, space, motion, time, action, and dialogue.

Short Term Certificates

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The Writing for the Screen Certificate focuses on storytelling across media, including podcasting, marketing/sales, social media, video games, VR, citizen journalism, education, YouTube, client based content, film and television.

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