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Content Classes

These classes provide students with instruction and practical experience in the fields of Exercise Science, Wellness, Fitness, and Sport Industry. These classes transfer towards a Bachelor’s Degree Program in similar areas of study, as well as prepare students for disciplinary certification.  These classes provide certified professionals with CEU’s.

  • EXW 130H - Weight Management
  • EXW 130J - Weight Loss Nutrition and Health
  • EXW 150 - Prevention of Athletic Injuries and Emergency Care
  • EXW 151 - Introduction to Exercise Science and Physical Education
  • EXW 152 - Personal Health and Wellness
  • EXW 153 - First Aid/CPR/AED and Safety
  • EXW 157 Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport
  • EXW 251 - Integrated and Applied Exercise Sciences
  • EXW 252 - ACE Personal Trainer Preparation