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Yavapai College has its eyes set on the future of education by teaching classes in the metaverse. ‘Metaversity’ is an immersive way for students to learn through virtual and augmented reality.

Explore locations around the world without leaving your classroom

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Experience immersive learning that revolutionizes the way people learn and train

The College landed a grant with Meta and will partner with VictoryXR, a company specializing in virtual reality education -- and we want you to join in the experience.


With a single touch, you access a world of rich learning content that extends far beyond textbooks.

Virtual and augmented reality is going to change almost every industry, including education, and YC plans to be on the cutting edge of that change.” - Dr Lisa Rhine - YC President



Learn through embedded videos, interactive 3D objects and a host of learning resources and links curated by the teacher.

Join in the experience