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Formal Statement of Student Complaint


Non-Academic complaints may concern an alleged violation of college policies, infringement of student rights, and other such problems dealing with students, college staff and faculty, and authorized college activities.

This form is not to be used for sexual harassment, discipline or discrimination complaints. Complaints of sexual harassment or discrimination should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Student Development, or 928.776.2128, or the Human Resources Department of Yavapai College.

Complaint Form

Your Name:
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A. Provide a statement describing your formal complaint.
B. Describe the general and specific grounds on which your complaint is based.
C. What action(s) have you taken to resolve this matter informally?
D. Provide the names of any people who may have information related to this complaint. If you have any witnesses, please provide their names and contact information (address/phone number).
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