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Learn about alcohol and drug abuse support at Yavapai College

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Prevention &
Recovery Resources

Learn about alcohol and drug abuse support resources available to students at Yavapai College

James Tobin Director
Alcohol & Drug Prevention
(928) 771-6183

Connect with Peers and Resources

YC Alcohol & Drug Resources student health & wellness, substance abuse resources and/or assessments for Yavapai College students on our Facebook page. facebook

The Health & Prevention Club creates opportunities for students and YC community members to participate in substance free wellness based activities and educational workshops.
Contact: James Tobin, (928) 771-6183

Young Adult-focused Meetings

Prescott | Prescott Valley | Chino Valley | Sedona / Cottonwood

Friends Sitting

Self-Assessment Tools & Resources


eCheckup to Go© Self-assessment Tools

These self-assessment tools are designed to provide you with personalized information and feedback regarding your alcohol or marijuana use, and how it might affect your health, your relationships, health, career, and life goals.

These are not surveys designed to get information from you, but instead an opportunity to reflect on your usage of alcohol which you may find to be interesting and useful.

All the information you provide is confidential and anonymous.

Individual Consultation & Referral

Free individual consultations are available for students wanting to discuss alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues concerning themselves or their friends.

Call to set up a confidential meeting with a licensed professional.

Call (928) 771-6183

Help a Friend

Are you worried about a friend's substance use? You are not alone.

The following tips may provide some ways to express your concern to someone you care about. Remember we cannot "make" a person change, we can support them and encourage them to seek help!

What you can do to help

YC Online Training for Alcohol & Drug Prevention Strategies - We invite you to view YC’s 1-hr training module on Alcohol & Drug Prevention Strategies. This training seeks to increase help-seeking and active bystander behaviors by increasing student knowledge and confidence when it comes to understanding risk factors, identifying risky behaviors, exploring personal motivations for making good choices, and learning how to stick to boundaries to support better choices. It also provides information about prevention & recovery support resources available at the College and in Yavapai County.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Partnership for Success grant at Yavapai College is to create and deliver prevention programming for students, up to 20 years of age, on the science of alcohol and marijuana use, and the holistic effects on their developing selves.

Credit: This program is funded in part through:
SAMHSA grant Partnership for Success and
Arizona Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family

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