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Give the Gift of Scholarships

Expendable (Annual) Scholarships

Expendable scholarships are created when a donation is made on an annual or one-time basis. Typically the entire amount will be awarded in the year following the gift. Annual gifts to the scholarship will be necessary to continue supporting a student; often, donors will create an endowment to ensure the scholarship is perpetuated. Donors work with the staff to establish the criteria for awarding scholarships. Expendable scholarships:

  • Provide support to students for one academic year.
  • Allow a donor to make an immediate impact on the lives of our students.
  • Can be renewed each year by the donor, or through a gift sufficient enough to cover several years.

Endowed (Perpetual) Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are long-term perpetual funds that generate an annual income, a portion of which is awarded each year by the Foundation to deserving students.

  • The minimum investment for a named endowment is $25,000. Donors may take three to four years to endow their fund. Annual awards to students begin once the fund is fully endowed.
  • Once established, these scholarships exist in perpetuity to assist current and future generations of YC students.
  • Endowed scholarships provide a consistent flow of support to students and allows Yavapai College to plan into the future.

See List of Endowed Scholarships

Yavapai College Foundation scholarships are administered by the YC office of Financial Aid. To learn more about applying for a Foundation scholarship, visit Financial Aid.