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    "You Can" Docuseries

    The "You Can" documentary series features the stories of Yavapai College students and their personal college experiences, challenges and accomplishments, that transformed their lives and career paths. Like them, students at YC are creating bright and meaningful career paths, and improving their lives and the lives of their families, every day.
Alex Daniels
  • 4:09 min
  • Alex Daniels
  • Meet Alex from Chino Valley, Arizona. Alex is in his third year of computer science, looking to move to NAU after YC. He is a "Rough Rider" ambassador, an active member of his church, and founder of the Chino Valley Green Bag program, an organization that collects and distributes meals to underprivileged families in our area.
Brenden Phillips
  • 3:38 min
  • Brenden Phillips
  • As a graduate from Bradshaw Mountain Highschool, Brendan began his journey in computer networking right here at Yavapai College. His determination, work ethic, and the support from professors at YC, are taking him farther than he’s ever dreamed.
Nicole Rundlett
  • 2:11 min
  • Nicole Rundlett
  • Going beyond her comfort zone, Nicole stepped out and completed her GED at Yavapai College. Now she’s on her way to college to further her education and to pursuit her passion. Like Nicole, students of all ages and talents find the education and financial support they need to succeed at Yavapai College.
Karlee Scarbrough
  • 3:02 min
  • Karlee Scarbrough
  • After obtaining a degree in paralegal studies, Karlee, a mother of two, decided to go back to school to become a lawyer. The flexibility of online classes made it easier for Karlee to attend school while taking care of her children.
Katie Adams
  • 4:23 min
  • Katie Adams
  • 10 years ago, Katie was a student of the YC Nursing program and a mother of three young children. Today, Katie teaches the course she graduated from at YC. She believes that when we prioritize and surround ourselves with the right people, we are able to overcome even the greatest challenges.
Kendra Timm
  • 3:53 min
  • Kendra Timm
  • Originally from Dover, New Hampshire, Kendra was raised in a military family and was in the military herself. After a few health issues, Kendra left the military service and found herself in the YC Performing Arts program. Just like Kendra, students from all walks of life find new career paths at YC.
Lacey Harris
  • 5:03 min
  • Lacey Harris
  • Even after facing a number of uphill battles during her life, Lacey keeps "giving it a shot." Going from someone who believed she wasn’t good enough for college, to someone who made her experience at Yavapai College the best of her life, Lacey is now a proud Early Child Education graduate. Just like Lacey, students struggling to adjust to college life find the support and resources they need to succeed at YC.
Leah Farrington
  • 3:43 min
  • Leah Farrington
  • Leah is a Prescott native, mother to a twenty-year-old daughter, as well as a three-year-old Yorkshire terrier. As a busy parent going back to school, she had to push through her doubts about being capable of going back to school, paying for college, and managing her already busy schedule.
Murari Bishop
  • 4:03 min
  • Murari Bishop
  • Murari is entering her second career through the YC Nursing program. While it can be scary to go back to school as an adult, she has found a way to invoke self-discipline and make learning a part of her life.
Nathan Sands
  • 3:06 min
  • Nathan Sands
  • Nathan is from Washington state. He initially came to Arizona to study Mechanical Engineering at a local university, but switched gears after a couple of years to study computer networking at YC. Attending YC and being able to transfer the credits on to a bachelor's degree was certainly a plus.
Nicole Marshall
  • 4:17 min
  • Nicole Marshall
  • Tinkering with computers is what brings a smile to Nicole's face. For the past 10 years, instructors have helped, reassured, and gone above and beyond to make her dream of graduating a reality. Like for Nicole, "life sometimes doesn't go the way you want it to be, and sometimes things change, and you just have to roll with it."
Samantha Nelson
  • 3:01 min
  • Samantha Nelson
  • Samantha is one of those people who just knows exactly what she wants to do and is fully committed to getting there as fast as possible.
Shelli Charpentier
  • 2:25 min
  • Shelli Charpentier
  • Shelli went into bookkeeping totally blindfolded, looking to help her husband’s business. Through hard work, perseverance, and the support from professors and classmates, Shelli discovered a new passion and an exciting career path in Accounting.
Jennifer Edmonds
  • 2:33 min
  • Jennifer Edmonds
  • Jennifer has turned her life around from 16 years of drug abuse to complete a GED certificate at Yavapai College. Now she’s going to college to obtain an associate degree in Education and Social Work. Students from all walks of life discover new career paths at YC.
Wesley Traver
  • 4:04 min
  • Wesley Traver
  • Wesley found himself lost and unsure of his future after the abrupt end of his baseball career. When singing and acting entered his life, a spark was reignited. His new career at the YC Performing Arts program brought him more than just a new passion.
Angela Blackwater
  • 2:31 min
  • Angela Blackwater
  • Angela is Native American and has been working on her GED at Yavapai College for the past year. Her goal is to further her education to become a drug and alcohol counselor.
Misty Hallenbeck
  • 2:25 min
  • Misty Hallenbeck
  • Misty completed her GED at Yavapai College. Now she’s on her way to college to further her education and be able to find more job opportunities. Like Misty, students of all ages and talents find the education and financial support they need to succeed at Yavapai College. From Accounting to Education, find your passion.
Diana Cienega
  • 3:45 min
  • Diana Cienega
  • Meet Diana, 62. Diana has been advancing her education and career in early child education at YC on and off for quite some time now. Her heart and soul are fueled by her passion for education and her work with young children.