Strategic Planning

The mission of Strategic Planning is to implement and evaluate an ongoing institutional strategic planning cycle in support of academic and administrative decision making. The strategic planning cycle is data driven, inclusive, and has at its core a mechanism to demonstrate the impact of decisions on student learning.

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Yavapai College 2012/13 - 2013/14 Strategic Initiatives

With input from the college community and recognition of finite resources and legislative mandates, five initiative areas to establish direction for Yavapai College to continue to respond to the educational needs of Yavapai County have been identified.

Strategic Initiatives  (pdf)

College Wide Action Plans (CAPs)

The initiative sponsors will now form teams to “flesh out” the strategies and actions under each initiative, which establishes the College-wide Action Plan (CAP). The division deans and department managers will formulate their strategies and goals to support the accomplishment of the College-wide Action Plan.

College‐wide Action Plan Template Instructions (pdf)

A template to assist in documenting this process is provided above for download for completion of the division/department plans. Please contact the initiative sponsor (listed on the linked document) if you would like to participate in the team(s) to define the strategies and actions under the initiative(s).

District Governing Board Ends Statements

The District Governing Board Ends Statements are an umbrella over the Yavapai College Strategic Initiatives and state “Yavapai College exists so communities within Yavapai County are equipped with the vision and skills to create a sustainable economic environment. The College will fulfill this role at a justifiable cost and track its success using acceptable benchmarks.”

Go to the governing board Ends Statement (pdf) to view the expanded End Statements.

Strategic Initiative Linked Board Ends 1 10 12 (pdf)

Yavapai College Mission

The Mission of Yavapai College is to provide quality higher learning and cultural resources for the diverse populations of Yavapai Count.

For Goals and Values, go to Yavapai College Mission and Vision (pdf), Revised 02/03/12.

Strategic Planning Overview

The Strategic Planning Overview (pdf) illustrates how each level within the college relates and links to one another.

Strategic Planning Cycle

This Strategic Planning Cycle illustrates Yavapai College planning activities and participants, and the months in which those activities take place.

Strategic Planning Cycle (pdf)