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The College Budget

Financial stewardship is an important cornerstone of being a community-supported institution. It's something we pride ourselves on, and a value we hope to instill in our students as we help them achieve their personal and professional educational goals.

FY2019-20 Adopted Budget


The following videos provide information on the Higher Education Market, an Overview of Yavapai College, The Yavapai College Budget, and Property Taxes in Arizona. For the best understanding of Yavapai College and our budget, please watch all four videos.

Budget Calendar

Because of the importance and complexity of the budget, various aspects of the budget are discussed in detail with the board at the monthly board meetings per this calendar.

These discussions of projected revenues and expenses serve as the foundation for the approval of the final budget in May, as well as any property tax increase that may be considered in May. If the publicly elected district governing board is considering an increase in the property tax levy, a truth in taxation hearing will be advertised in accordance with ARS 15-1461.01 in the April timeframe.

I would encourage you to attend these meetings to learn more about the Yavapai College, or to watch them on channel 13 as all board meetings are recorded and broadcasted.

Current Budget Information

Current budget information such as the Monthly Financial Update, the reports on Executive Limitations – Policy 2.3.1 – Budget Deviations and Policy 2.3.2 – Reserves, as well as the YCFS Summary are found in the Governing Board meeting minutes and full agenda documents.  Minutes and Full Agendas can be accessed on the District Governing Board website.

Higher Education's Impact

Per the "Education Pays" report from the College Board, Higher Education promotes

  • Higher earnings, which leads to higher tax revenues
  • Better health
  • More community engagement (voting, volunteering, etc.)
  • Lower unemployment rates
  • Lower participation in public assistance programs (Medicaid, School Lunch, Food Stamps)
  • Lower incarceration rates

Yavapai College: Affordable Educational Opportunities

Yavapai College compared to other Arizona Community College tuition.

Yavapai College Economics: Facts & Figures

  • YC has had 'clean' audits (unqualified opinions) for more than 10 years in a row ii. YC has earned a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the GFOA for more than 10 years in a row
  • YC’s Composite Financial Index exceeds the recommended target set by our accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission
  • YC’s S&P Rating is AA- and Moody’s rating is Aa2
  • YC’s Property Tax rates are near the median for community colleges in AZ—AZ property taxes are among the lowest in the country
  • YC takes great care of its capital facilities and infrastructure. Our Facility Condition Index is 94%, meaning that we have minimal deferred maintenance which we believe lowers the total cost of ownership.

Per Arizona statute, current Yavapai College expenditures per student are at or below the inflation-adjusted 1980 expenditures per student.

Videos on Education

Per the "Educating Our Way to a Better Future" video from the Gates Foundation, by 2018, American employers will need 22 million workers with postsecondary degrees. But research shows we are poised to fall short by 3 million graduates. The future of our country and our young people is at stake.

Additional Information