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Chino Valley Center

Chino Valley Center

The Chino Valley Agribusiness & Science Technology Center houses courses in Agribusiness Technology, Animal Care & Management, Production Horticulture, Canine Care & Handling, Therapy & Service Dog Team Skills, Equine Practitioner, Electrical Utility Technology, and offers general education classes, including English, math and science.

YC’s Chino Valley Agribusiness & Science Technology Center programs offer students hands-on experience by putting them to work in state- of-the-art learning facilities. Thus, allowing students to learn in a real-world environment and preparing them for careers in specialized industries.


  • “Yavapai College has provided me with many exciting and challenging opportunities,” she wrote. “When I first started at YC, I thought it was just a small community college that I would attend to get my general education. That was far from the truth. Yavapai College has given me opportunities that I would not have received in my first two years at a four-year institution. My attitude and perspective on life has changed, due to being an active member of the YC community. I have learned to push the limits and exceed expectations, instead of seeing something for what it is.”

    -- Megan Daubert, YC Honors Student