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Chino Valley Center "The mind cannot forget what the hands have learned"

Chino Valley Center

The Chino Valley Agribusiness & Science Technology Center houses courses in Agriculture Technology, Horticulture, Animal Care, Canine Care, Service Dog, Equine Care, Linework, and Construction. The campus is also home to our Commercial Driving program and is an ADOT-authorized testing site.

YC's Chino Valley Center programs offer students hands-on experience in state-of-the-art learning facilities, allowing students to learn in a real-world environment and preparing them for careers in specialized and well-paying industries.


  • “Yavapai College has provided me with many exciting and challenging opportunities,” she wrote. “When I first started at YC, I thought it was just a small community college that I would attend to get my general education. That was far from the truth. Yavapai College has given me opportunities that I would not have received in my first two years at a four-year institution. My attitude and perspective on life has changed, due to being an active member of the YC community. I have learned to push the limits and exceed expectations, instead of seeing something for what it is.”

    -- Megan Daubert, YC Honors Student